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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Swan Valley Vineyard Engagement in Perth: Yivonne and Boon Wai

We sat there sipping coffees, while the sea breeze wrapped around us in a comforting sigh that spring morning. I remember smelling the salt from the ocean, and watching Yivonne giggle and chatter enthusiastically about her wedding plans for the following year, while Boon Wai watched patiently with a smile. A smile lined with quiet adoration. And I loved that. You know, those subtle idiosyncrasies that make a couple in love so fascinating. Most people don't realize when I sit and observe them... mostly because my mouth, which runs at a million miles per hour, was operating at full speed. But I do. I love watching, learning, and just enjoying being in love's presence. And that is what it feels like being around Yivonne and Boon Wai (also fondly known as Danny :D ) - being in love's presence, and then dipped in a layer of sunshine, tenderness, and laughter. So much laughter :)

So when it came to their engagement session, and Yivonne wanted something warm, full of sun, and in the vineyards, I nearly died and went to photographic heaven. She spoke my language and I was SO excited to document their love in such a gorgeous setting. Here are my favourites from their session :) Yivonne and Boon Wai, God smiled on you both that day, and gave you both the most beautiful light - I hope you like these :) I am so honored and BEYOND thrilled to be there on your wedding day later this year to document the two of you becoming one. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon (and that GORGEOUS bottle of wine - you cheeky things! :D ) and see you soon!! :D

Playing on the vineyard grounds :)

I LOVE how these two laugh :)

And then the gorgeous light starting pouring over us.

I thought this board full of their pictures was soooo cute! :D

And then we had some fun with some of the other play things they brought :D

Yivonne is apparently a good cook :D

Yivonne's 2nd dress here is from Forever New. I LOVE this store, and shop here all the time :D

This was a surprise! The sparkly things they brought!!! :D We had so much fun with these! :D

And by this point, the light was SO amazing, I nearly died.

And this sign was for Boon Wai ;)

These last few frames are my fave... the light was seriously so stunning that afternoon.

And here is Perth at dusk, with the moon and all :) perth, you are pretty! :D

Have a gorgeous thursday everyone!!! :D

I'm hopping on another flight now, so see you soon!! :D



Alex Tan said...


Julian Beattie said... Perfection. I'm jealous of that light. Amazing stuff, Jenny.

Max Ng said...

awesome!! love the warm feel and the light.... how do u achieve that?amazing!

Agnes Sim said...

Another nice series from you. The weather is so nice. ;-) Like all the shots!

Just Same As Usual said...

Superb album!

Asther said...

Oh! The sparkly shots! Arrgghhh! So original! And pretty of cos!

!!! :P

soofong said...

JAW dropping wooooowwwwwwwww

Frances said...

I think they make the sweetest couple! =)


Girish said...

One of your best shots I think till now.

Great work. Excellent photographs.

Wonderful lights.

Did you use flash for back lighting.

Ai lin said...

really nice and sweet! CONGRATS!482010ybw”
love zhengz and ai lin

Suzanne said...

It look so natural! Love their laughters too! Great photos!:)

Pamelyn Tan-Corsi said...

Love the lights and the beautiful shots. Couples who get to have you for wedding photographer are the luckiest as we get some awesome photos.

This Sunday we celebrate our first wedding anniversary and looking at the photos you captured of us is simple a very heartwarming experience ... makes the moments so vivid and not so distant away. You rock Jenny!

ian said...

orsumm stuff! All the best boon wai and yivonne! God bless ya heaps!


Anonymous said...

whaooo ! AWESOME !
love the i kiss better than i cook one bw :P


terence & eu lynn

Janica said...

Totally in love with all these photos. I can see true love and God's shines over them. Awesome job in capturing these precious sights.


Anonymous said...

so awesome natural n lively...perfect couple!!


lone, ceryn & kye ee

Faith said...

lovely couple; lovely photos!
love all the sun setting shots! :)

God bless! :)

♥ faith

Anonymous said...

Wa....... pictures are sooooooo B.E.A U.tiful. Super nice!! I love it!! God bless the both of you.


Danny Chan said...

Hey. Nice picture. Good Shot...
Another Danny from Hong Kong

Ally said...

Photos are awesome! I love Swan Valley. Working at Midland has made me a Swan Valley girl at heart. Gotta get me on of those board with that awesome saying... *hint hint* bonnie/yivonne. Love your photos Jenny! Can't wait to see more at their wedding.


Derek said...

Nice photos! =) love the background n setting '482010ybw'

Anonymous said...

God bless and great photos! Great couple!


Pauline Tay said...

Shooo schweet. Lovely photos!!!


Michael Lim said...

WAH.....very nice
you guys look so lovely
really happy for you guys ^^

WanZ said...

Fantastic shots, an adorable couple, heart warming light and scenery!

*contented sigh*


Anonymous said...

hehehe. Just looking at the photos, I'm getting excited!

Yan Hua

j a s o n said...

very nice =)

Jonathan said...

awesome shoot!!!


Melvin Goh said...

Hey BooniVonne!!

Awesome simply awesome.. Breathtaking!! I shld consider going to Perth to take my own wedding pics when it's time haha!! :) :)

Congrats on getting engaged and may we see little boonies and vonnies soon!! :) :)

God Bless

Ah Goh


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

great shot you have here.. love the "I Kiss better than I cook"..

but I know Yvonne is a good cook, while Boon Wai shall rate the kissing part.. ^_^


Ting said...

The pics were beautiful and definitely captured the love of the couple and the wonderful creation of God!!


BooniVonne said...

Thank you guys/gals for your lovely comments & wishes... Our lives are richer by having wonderful friends like you... :)

Thank you Jenny for the photos... We had an amazing time & so much fun taking pictures with you...


mojo :) said...

This is so beautifull !!! Im so happy for you guys. Love the way the sun is captured in the sun setting picture, and the forever new dress = amazing. Great idea with the heart shaped ballon.

All the best !!

love Mojo

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos huhu

Chin Seng

Alan Yio said...

Absolutely stunningly gorgeous! These two make a really beautiful couple. I like the vineyard and sunset settings very much. God Bless you two.

Mark said...

absolutely beautiful and amazing capture of the light Jenny:) nice nice nice!!!:)))

Johnson said...

Fabtabulous... =)

Alexandra said...

I love it!Love the sun,the field,the breeze..most of all the love, laughter and affection on Boonivonne! awww....Congrats again and again! Waiting for the big day! :) 482010ybw

Jessica said...

Beautiful pics! The sweet moments between Yivonne and Boon Wai were so wonderfully captured! Very heart-warming indeed.


elainegan said...

Wow, love your dress, earthy scenery and crisps photos!
Congrats sweeties! :)

Aaron said...

Lovely photos! Congratulations!



Billy said...

My Goodness!! It's like Heaven on Earth! Now I know I can go to Swan Valley Vineyard if I want to experience Heaven!

Must buy a farm/vineyard in the future so that I can also experience such sweet moments everyday!


Leonel Cheong said...

Very very nice!

IVAN said...

Great shots...The right time, the right place...and especially the right couple...

May both of you have eternal happiness! God Bless!

Frm: Pamela & Ivan


Caine said...

Awesome the country background...

yan xia said...

Nice pictures Yi-vonne and Boon Wai! Love the sun and laughter. Give us more...


David Cheong said...

Jenny, amazing shots and as usual, the sun always follow you around haha!

Have not seen Yivonne in like the longest time, and I'm glad that it was that you shot her too =D

Oh Jenny by the way, let's all catch up soon over a TT session lol, been a while eh.

Vely said...

Really awesome shots!

. s h e r r y * said...

Oh WOW. Amazing LIGHT. And I love this couple! They brought so many fun props! Gotta say, my favourite is the confetti!!! :D:D:D

Creme said...

The pictures were very nice indeed...Congrats Yivonne and Boon both shine in love.. This was good photography, Jen! Keep up the good work..

Creme said...

Great shots...they're beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

Nice picture... sweet sweet couple... Congratulations!!

Mei Yoke

Anonymous said...

so nice....i like the yellow and the green and the laughter and the sun... absolutely gorgeous!!! gorgeous couples with gorgeous photographer :)


Anonymous said...

aww the 2 of you look amazing in these photos. congrats and God bless =) 482010ybw

ys + rach

Peter said...

Beautiful photos Danny and Yvonne. Looking forward to you big day!!!
God bless,

Cheryl said...

Nice pics sis! Bring some printed ones back Malaysia to share with us ya!

Holli True said...

Oh my goodness! The light is AAAmazing! Great work

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures.. Remember to bring back to share with the rest of us =P


- Xin Ci-

weiwei said...

beautiful lighting and love the props... and forever new dress!!! :P

Rebekah said...

These photos are stunning, the last few with the sun going down are incredible!

Bek x


weiwei said...

love the photos jenny :)


Edrian said...

Awesome Shots!


pL said...

I want to get married too!!!


Lynette said...

A woman's work is perfect! Cheers!


Lynn Liying said...

beautiful couple, beautiful photos :)

i kiss better than i cook. is that referring to yiv or boonie? hehe


Anonymous said...


Just gorgeous! :) You two look so in love and happy :)

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous moments with us :) xoxoxo

Shermaine said...

d photos makes my heart melt!~.....God definitely was smiling upon them =)


Cherie said...

The photos are lovely. Mood: romantic n sweet. love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey! These shots are really cool!
Can't wait for the actual day =)

Vel =)

Nikki said...

Love the photos...congrats boonie and yiv! You two look stunning :)


Anonymous said...

Love the photo where Danny and Yivonne were holding their board full of their pictures... and gotta love the one where it says - Danny kisses better than he cooks (I've rephrased it!) hahaha, coz I'm sure that's true!

Super exciting!!!!

God Bless,

StanGuyver said...

Wow!That's Amazing!
Perth has never looked better!
Danny & Yvonne also of course!

Can we hire you to shoot Danny's Buck's?


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Congratulations!

Mavis :o)

Anonymous said...

You both look amazing:)
God Bless!


Anonymous said...

nice photo....congratulation!!!



J u n e said...

God was indeed smiling on both of them. LOVELY~!


Kevin Lee said...

Those are some very nice pictures....;)and congratulations!


Sherry said...

Both of you look so loving and really good! I really like all the pics here.

Yivonne, you look so natural, expressive and happieeee!

I'm very happy for the two of you!



chipgillespie said...

Holy Moses, girl!! Amazing work!!

Jing Ee said...

This is great, nice photo shots

Vips said...

Like the light. Nice and crisp. Quite beautiful. thanks for sharing. 482010ybw

Danny Chan said...

Ok it is me again...
I looked at them again and the pictures are still so good to beyond description.

Very nice


Bang! said...

Tee hee... Almost forgot

Anonymous said...

hahah!!! look so cool!!!

Alan Yio said...

Stunning photos! The vineyard provided a superb setting and the sunset shots are great. I am sure these will provide you guys with many years of wonderful memories.


Yan Jing said...



Lawrence Yee said...

wow wee!


Ivan said...

white is clean and pure.. looks fresh and comfortable. COOL!!


Tim Yip said...

absolutely divine, exquisite pictures and also perfect with the perfect couple in them!


isabelle said...

So happy for you 2! Very nice pics!!! 482010ybw

jezamine said...

Awwww..... you both look so happy together. very nice ;)

ManDy said...

Superb shots! congrats yv & BW!!! love u guys!!!


Johnny F. said...

WOW!!!! boon wai!!! you look so beautiful!!!!


joct said...

I love the sun. A beautiful sunset and a beautiful couple completes a picture. A beautiful work of art.


Dee said...

What can I say, you definitely have some relation with the Sun since it always being nice to you :).. I really love your color and composition...Thanks for sharing these shots with us :)

kiew said...

Congratzz Boon Wai, these photos are awesome!! Both of you look great =)


mojo :) said...

I agree Kiew - incredible shots !! I am so excited for your wedding day shots aswell - what an amazing day it will be.

Big hugs !


Anonymous said...

I m a proud Brother & Brother-in-Law..
Amazing Photos of the lovely couple..
Thanks Jenny for the amazing shots.


katherine said...

dear boonivonne...

a big congratulations to you two and of coz when i see those pictures i know you both are really at the most natural bits... :) i love those pics.. its awesome and its both your style.. easy and free and of coz natural too.. i miss you both and of coz don forget to let me know when is the big date ooo.. :)

Zion said...

Love these photos! Jenny you captured Yvonne and Boonie's love so well..I'm in love with your photos! You're very talented!

Anonymous said...

Hi BW & Yiv,
Beautiful & awesome pictures! Really love how it captures the sunset and you all look natural =)
God bless,
Ivy ^0^

Ris Lim said...

♥ it. aww~ soo sweet!



Joshua Lim said...

Nice shots!

Swan Valley is the place to be!



Max said...

Really awesome stuff!!! Great photo shoot, not for a great wedding and marriage!! God bless!

Max said...


Max said...

Whooops!! Typo!!! not=now :p

ViNi said...

Aww you guys are so quite, Jenny's right about the laughter :) Congratulations!


Janice Loh said...

Absolutely stunning photos that evoke emotion.

HPAWMT said...

Awesome....wish Ee Ching and I had photoshots like that for our wedding. :)

God Bless you both.

The Chia family.


jeli said...

it's awesome!! God bless!


Anonymous said...

dayong said...
boonivoone, congratulation. =)
all those pictures look awesome. i like that photo 'this sign was for boon wai'. Boon wai, i'm sure u know how to kiss better than you cook. =D


Timo said...

Awesome work with the sun! Congrats boonie and Yivonne!


Kimberley said...

Wow! The pictures are so stunning that I would like to get married as well! (Need to grab someone and fly to Perth!!!)

Absolutely love the last shot with the sun setting in the background.. it shows that love do not start only in the morning but it goes all the way til the end of the day! The pictures promises more love to come!!! (so touching!!!

Once again, Congrats Yivonne & Boon Wai (though I've not met you yet!)

-Kimberley L.- 482010ybw

michaellim said...

love it


prettyewok said...

The lighting was awesome. Beautiful photos.
Teacher Katy

senorita said...

yivonne u look absolutely gorgeous and the way you plan your props is just amazing! congrats again u two!


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff, beauty in the vineyard!!!



Anonymous said...

aww yiv..the photos are really lovely..the warm light, sweet smiles, gorgeous vineyard setting & cute props..they all fit together what you're wearing too!


Priscilla said...

Love the pics of yvonne and boonwai... gorgeous looking couple + beautiful scenery + terrific shooting by the photographer = nicest wedding pic ever...


michelle said...

Yiv, so happy for you and Boon Wai. Congratulations to both of you. I like to see your smiles and laughters:) Great photos guys.


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos! U guys look so good together. Well done Jenny! Can we have more? :)

Jack & FT Chia

Anonymous said...

so amazingly lovely, young n sweet couple that comes together to create your own family. wish you both never ending happiness alwayz. nice photography too!

suet ling

Adriena said...

the lights. Is superbly beautiful! The pictures are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

Nancy said...

So so sweet! Can't wait for your wedding date ^^ congrats :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots taken. So romantic. We love it.

The Wans.


siewlan said...

oOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ can c all da LOVE all ova da pics! teeheehee (i'm 126th! darn) apologies for not getting in earlier! cant wait for da wedding!!! YAY! :) :) lovely pre wedding shots!

roy said...

Nice pics Boonie and Yvonne.
All the best!


Fenny said...

Stunning photos, beautiful couple! :)
Simon and Fenny

Bernard Khoo said...

Dear Jenny,

Great shots and love the f-l-a-r-e ... it's a very .... wow ....