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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

On leave!

Things have been pretty busy around here. But then again, that is an understatement! If you really wanted the truth, you'd be sitting listening to my incessant rambling for an indefinite period of time. Thankfully, I still have enough sense in me to spare you from that torture!

Seriously though, wedding season has been in full swing for awhile now, and while I am tempted to shy away from this blog space and continuing my editing, I find it refreshing to separate myself from the palettes of colours, and the clicking of my mouse, and turn to this spot to think for a bit. I have to admit, It's been rather strange having my macbook pro as my side companion these last few weeks. I've begun to think I can literally memorize all the spots and marks that sit on the screen that has been glaring at my eyes. So much so, that I think I could give them names. Sad huh?

I was planning to tell everyone why I have been doubly busy, after March, but I figured - if you knew, then at least you could understand why my eyes look more like thin lines on my face these days :)

Well, I'm getting married.

That's right! The wedding photographer, the girl behind the lens is actually getting hitched! And no, I did not pick up the guy online or in any other random place in the spur of the moment, nor did we decide to commit to marriage in the last minute. I have known my guy for 8 years, and we have been engaged for almost 1 :)

The proverbial questions that get thrown at me (and believe me, it happens EVERY TIME! Literally. haha) are :

Are you taking your own photos?

Who are you getting to do your photos?!

Your wedding will probably look stunning since you've seen so many and have picked up so many ideas!?

Well, in traditional JSP style, I like shying away from the conventional as much as possible. So as much as I would LOVE to shoot my own photos (I'm kidding), I'm not.

As much as I would LOVE to hire the most fabulous and expensive wedding photographer ever which would leave me broke and eating air for the rest of my life. I'm not.

And as much as the idea of having a details/decorations fest for my wedding, with everything colour co-ordinated, with all my guests getting super cool out-of-this-world fabulous favours, and having little drops of culinary delights smothered over all our palettes, show casing a fully choreographed bridal dance, a tiffany & co wedding band, and having a 10 tier cake.... I'm not.

In my own opinion... our wedding, compared to alot that I have seen and shot, will be left fairly humble. Not tacky, but just humble. You know?

Why? Because to me, people matter. Sharing the day with friends and family mean the most to me. So if my cake ended up being the wrong flavour, or if my flowers ended up the wrong colour, even if it rained. I'm not too fussed.

Weddings are about love. A celebration of that union, and that is what I hope people remember about our wedding. Not the decorations, nor the food, or the place :)

So, in JSP form, where I try to have a photo in each post I make, here is my engagement ring! Disclaimer: This was not posted to show off or ANYTHING of the sort ok? (it was the only thing wedding related I could find!)

Now, can you understand how crazy its been? :) Brides, try imagining all the wedding planning you have been doing, and now multiply it by 100 times and that will give you and idea of how I feel because I am not just organizing one wedding, but two, and each on different continents plus at the same time I'm thinking of, and looking after alot of other brides in terms of their photos, albums, prints and much more! :) I'm crazy huh? haha. That's what I've been told, and I think there is some inkling of truth to it too! ;)

Which brings me to my point... FINALLY (sorry, I have this amazingly annoying habit of saying way too much and being uncontrollably long winded :p). I will be 'on leave' from the 1st February until the 10th March, just so I can do the right thing and concentrate on my marriage.

Shoots are still on, and the albums that have been sent to me to this point are being taken care of, and so is editing of photos. However any other albums/prints sent to me during this point in time will be taken care of after I get back.

Thank you for your beautiful understanding!!

ps: This was not a post meant to put down beautifully adorned weddings. My point was just that we wont be doing it that way, and I'm okay with that. Shooting those kind of weddings is still uberly fun though :) I'm a sucker for anything eye-candy worthy :)


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ken and Tania [Engagement]

Well, you guys all know of Ken and Tania so I don't need to roll out another story :) As promised, I said I would post up some of my favourite images from their engagement shoot.

Here they are! Thanks for being such troopers Ken and Tania! Even despite the less than perfect weather, and the fact that you were in between big exams at the time, you guys rocked the lens!

Oh and here is their slideshow: [HERE] Enjoy!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ken and Tania

Yes, I know! Its been generations since I last posted!! Sorry... things have been so insane with the girl behind the lens. I literally am working around the clock, and TRYING very hard to sleep enough and not get sick. All will be revealed in march as to why things are just incredibly nutty in my corner of the world at this point in time, but for now, I hope you will put up with my sporadic blog posts - I do promise you I am trying whenever I get a smidgen of spare time :)


Persistence. And some love from up above.

Those two ingredients I believe were the key to their beautiful love story.

Ken, from the moment he laid eyes on her, had affirmed in his enamored heart that she was the one for him. He knew that this woman would either become one of his best friends, or become the woman that he would one day marry.

Conviction such as this, is so rare in today's commitment phobic society.

Tania, on the other hand, did not possess the same smitten sentiments about ken.

You see, Ken had decided to follow his feelings, and had asked Tania gently if he was able to get to know her better. To be allowed the chance to peel back those layers and discover more about this person who had completely captured his heart. She said no. Not once, but twice. And was firm about her decision about wanting to remain friends.

And ken, being the person that he is, graciously respected her decision. Divine intervention had other plans for these two though, and on the third attempt Tania accepted. From there, God allowed their relationship to blossom and flourish quickly, and they eventually fell in love. What followed was the natural intertwining of two hearts that clung onto one another in deep affection - Ken asked Tania to share the rest of his life with him on the 25th April 2007. In the cold, enveloped between gusts of frosty wind and rain, Ken asked Tania to marry him. And again, his persistence and unwavering love for Tania shone through because she kept interrupting him and not understanding what was going. When it finally dawned on her, she accepted with tears of happiness that had given birth in her eyes.

I find their love story incredible. Not only because despite multiple rejections, these two are finally married (although that is amazing!), but because they are so in love with one another. Ken's affections for Tania were especially touching... he mentioned a few lines in his speech at the reception that gave me the tingles (guys who are preparing to write their wedding speech - pay attention!). Note the following lines have been paraphrased:

"I don't deal well being away from Tania" [Ken spent a whopping $1200++ on his mobile phone once when she had left for Broken Hill for medical training, just so he could talk to her]

"I can't wait now to wake up next to her everyday for the rest of my life"

"She is just as the song says - feels like home - Tania you feel like home to me. You're where I belong".

I thought that was just beautiful. Not really because of the words he uttered, but more so the pure sincerity that exuded from those words. You could tell he meant every bit of it 150% (yes, believe me I can tell the difference between verbal fluff, and humble honesty), and that is what made it beautiful. Even I felt teary at that stage!

And just so you know, they danced to "Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk for their bridal dance. You can hear it in their slideshow [HERE]

And in traditional JSP style, here are some of my favourite moment from their wedding day which was celebrated at Scots Presbyterian Church, and then Doltone House in Sylvania Waters. Enjoy viewing!!

Tania getting ready at haircom in lidcome.

Her beautiful gown.

The bridal bouquet.

The bridesmaids bouquets.

Tania with her girls, getting ready.

Just before we left to the church we grabbed this one shot of Tania. She looks radiant!

Ken's face as he saw Tania for the first time when she walked down the aisle. I think this has to be one of my favourite moments at any wedding. I notice it particularly because I've realized the groom is always fairly nervous as he is waiting for his bride in anticipation, but as soon as she walked down that aisle, the first glimpse of her causes him to almost always break out in an amazingly warm smile. So a note to grooms, do take the time to savour this moment! It lasts a brief few seconds so just breathe it all in and love every inch of it :)

The gorgeous bride walking towards her groom.

At Scots Presbyterian Church, Sydney. The bridal party.

There were many lovely moments during the ceremony. Here are few of them I particularly liked.

This moment was really special for Ken and Tania because they had both made the decision to share their first kiss with each other when they got married. You don't see many couples like this today who wait to share their first kiss til they are married, so I really respect them for this! Of course, there were plenty of kisses shared together on this day! :)

I had HEAPS of stiff competition on the day. Check this out! And believe me when I say this was not the only moment I snared a shot of a WALL of other photographers! haha :)

Officially Mr and Mrs Chin!

The whole gang in one shot! All 400+ of them!

Then of course, we have the location shoot where we get creative with the bridal party. Or at least try to! haha. Here are some of my faves.

Of course, there is the 'jump shot'. I love doing this with brides and grooms only because it is SO FUNNY! This was the biggest attempt ever. 10 people! I love this shot only because of the facial expressions, and the fact that some people were trying to catch up with some of the others. haha :)

I HAD to attempt a flare shot ;) The sun was so good to me that day! And my camera loved it for it :)

The cake.

Oh, Ken and Tania had the FUNNIEST speeches at their wedding. Check this out:

They also played some hilarious games during the night - they had so much fun, and you can just tell. Look!

I think during the reception, the bridal dance is my favourite moment. Ken and Tania's was so beautiful - you could tell they really love each other in some of these following shots.

Then they broke out in crazy break dancing, choreographed in a way that told the story of their courtship. Amazingly funny stuff!! They were cheered on immensely by their guests.

The bouquet toss!

And finally the get away at the very end of the night :)

Thank you so much Ken and Tania for allowing me to photograph your wedding, and trusting me with your precious memories. It was such an honor, and an even bigger thanks for embracing me as a friend throughout the day. I had a tonne of fun, even despite the insane heat that saturated the air that day.

Hope you had an incredible and memorable honeymoon in the Maldives!

Much love,

ps: Remember, you can see HEAPS more images [HERE] in their slideshow :)
pps: I did Ken and Tania's engagement session a couple of months back. Now that they are married, I can show you the images! I'll probably post about it tomorrow, but here is the slideshow anyway: [HERE]


Monday, January 7, 2008

Matt and Mandy

I'm back. I've rested. I've mostly recovered. Work begins this week (this means editing and processing of images!) So please bear with me while I try my best to catch up. I will be working hard (but not so hard to the point where I don't sleep. I have learnt to retain and keep my energy for shoots and editing in order to retain quality and freshness). So for those who are waiting on me for some things, hang in there - Im working really hard for you, thank you for your understanding. I'm really excited to start sharing my images again.

To make up for my HUGE silence this past month, I'm going to put up a monster entry. About 50 images in one post!! PLUS a slideshow. I wont be posting in chronological order - because I have so much older AND new work to share with you, I'll be posting one old entry and one new entry until I am all caught up! :)

Today, I've decided to start by putting up a shoot I did towards the end of 2007.


He walked into the place where she was working, to pick up a cup of coffee.

She noticed him in an instant and eyed him with quiet admiration.

Fate however deliberated, almost as if she had pressed the pause button in their story. But as fate has it, she always seemed to possess a few tricks up her sleeve.

One day, one of Mandy's friends wanted her to meet a new friend. As Mandy lifted her eyes to see who this unfamiliar new face would be, she realized that the foreign face was not so foreign after all. It was the gentleman that walked into the shop before for coffee, who had caught her eye.

Serendipty had her laugh :)

From there, its like the saying goes - it was all history! Matt and Mandy have shared a beautiful and solid love story, that culminated the day when Matt took Mandy to the borders of Victoria and New South Wales, to a little bridge that could barely encompass the width of the car they were driving in, where he finally lowered himself down on one knee and asked Mandy to share the rest of his life with him. She said yes :)

These are some of my favourite moment from the day they became husband and wife. Thank you Mandy and Matt for the opportunity to be with you on your special day! You were both so lovely from the moment I met you, and it was incredible to see everything you've planned come to fruition!! I hope you had a blast in Europe, and are now enjoying your days as hubby and wife! :)

Just a note: This wedding had a vintage theme, and both Matt and Mandy have an incredibly creative eye. You will see all their lovely small touches in some of the images below. I had so many favourite moments, that I just couldn't lower the number of images down to 20. So I put all 50 of them below!! Enjoy! And click on the slideshow for more :)

Mandy's creative eye shone during the morning session. Can you believe this was the busiest and hardest working bride I've ever seen? She did the hair and make up for the whole bridal party, including herself. Here she is below helping her mum get ready :)

Ring shot. Using the GORGEOUS bouquet for the bride.

Speaking of the bouquet, here it is. Shire Florist, in Caringbah were the creators of this little drop of beauty :) I gave the photo below some of my own vintage flava ;)

Here is one of the bridesmaids helping out another bridesmaid with their makeup.

Because the girls did their own make up, and helped each other get ready, they had tonnes of fun. You can just tell. Look!

Getting ready :)

More flowers from Shire Florist. Pretty!!

A more pensive moment of Mandy, while she was getting herself ready.

Here is that special moment where the dress comes on, and everyone is there to help. Mandy had a vintage dress made by her mum! I wonder where she gets her creative eye from ;)

The bride all ready to go to the church. Isn't she stunning! And every bit vintage in style :)

The rings.

M&M - how cute huh? You can just guess what the guests got as wedding favours later on ;)

The church, and the guests filing in for the big moment.

Live string music.

I had a kick-ass helper with me that day. Bailie, of Bailie Photography was with me the whole day to help second shoot this wedding for me. He grabbed this awesome shot of the cars coming to the church just as the ceremony was about to begin. You can check out his blog for more images.

The special moment.

Another fab shot from Bailie.

You can tell Matt and Mandy are so in love. The bride getting a little teary as she realizes they are about to be made husband and wife.

Adoring each other :)

Officially married! Another great shot from Bailie!

I always love the half an hour or so just after the ceremony where the bride and groom are greeting their guests. There are so many emotions, hugs, and tears that are present during such times. Check this one out! Aww...

And look at this cutie!

I just adore this moment between Matt and Mandy. I can tell you this was not the first nor last I saw of such moments between them that day.

The bridal party was so funny! They are all really close friends so there were plenty of crack ups and laughs between them on the day. Check some of them out below.

Location shoot shots!! This is where we get to play around a bit with the bride and groom, and their bridal party!

Mandy loves vintage, so I put my own vintage spin on some of these pictures. This is one of them.

Oh and this pink wall!! Far out, it was fun to use.

Matt and Mandy doing their own silly THANG !

They had plenty of onlookers. Look very carefully!

Aww... This was probably my top fave shot of the day. :D

A tender moment between the two.

The boys just hanging out for a bit in between.

More vintage class.

My 2nd favourite shot of the day. It has this realy old 'feel' to the whole photo! :)

This photo and the one above are close 3rd faves of mine!

The wedding reception, at the lovely Argyle Center, The Rocks.

We all got M&M packets at the tables as favours. The ambience was really cosy and warm.

The really cool cake, done by Mandy's mum!! I loved it!

Plus, the guests all got disposable cameras to play with on the night to take random photos of themselves. How fun!

The groom doing his speech :)

And the cake cutting!

Then the night ended with some serious partying!! Thank you Vincy, who was helping me out during the reception, to grab this shot! :)

Thank you again to Mandy and Matt for allowing me the pleasure of shooting your wedding. And even though it was raining, it was a tonne of fun! Much love!

ps: Check out their slideshow [HERE]

pps: For any of those that are wondering, there was no flash used in any of the shots except the last one. I'm a huge fan of available light shooting, even at night!!