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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Monday, August 27, 2007


There was talk of an overhaul of the wedding galleries within my website a few months ago, and if anyone remembers, that actually didn't happen.

The reason being is that God has really blessed me more than I could have ever imagined with a lot of work! That's right - Meeting lots of beautiful and lovely new people! And a lot of shoots! I really thank God AND you wonderful clients who have trusted me to take your photos :) However, this has meant that some things like my blogging (and I'm talking about photo-blogging, not just personal life blogging which I do here sometimes, because I have SO much work I would love to share with you here!), and updating my galleries has taken a backseat since the online face of JSP launched in March.

Well, I plan to slowly beautify the wedding galleries over the next few weeks :)

You see, alot of photos get taken, some have made it to the the website, and some get some limelight here on this blog. But I'm hoping all will eventually migrate to the website galleries because there is just something really nice about getting to view photos in slideshow mode with pretty music tinkling in the background (sorry, this only applies to the FLASH viewers and not the HTML surfers of my site) - some shots, however, have never made to either of the public spaces of JSP and I really would love to share.

Especially photos like this one :)

(For those that don't already know, you CAN click on my photos to see a larger version :) )

So people, the gallery make-over is happening! The first half will happen slowly within the next few weeks, and the 2nd half most likely at the end of the year/Jan 2008. And if it doesn't - chase me for it! :D

I'll make an announcement here on this blog to let you all know when it has been completed!




Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dream profession

Here's something you may find amusing (and if you don't, well - too bad :p It's my blog so unfortunately you will just have to put up with my bad goofy humour, lol!):

When I was in grade 7 (equivalent to form 1), we were told to scribble on a sheet of paper what we would like to do when we grow up... where we saw ourselves in 10 years time... and why. Upon contemplating profusely over the matter (which was quite a bothersome and profound thing to ask of a 12 year old at the time!), I managed to grace the paper with some obscure notion of what I pictured my future to be like. At that point, our teacher told us that she would be collecting the slips of paper we had so openly poured out our hearts to, to be kept, until the time we graduated high school. Interesting.

I felt like I had signed away my life and that I had stupidly not devoted enough loyal thought into what I had to say... Oh well... looking at it from the glass-is-half-full perspective, at least I might possibly get a free laugh from it all when I read the slip 6 years down the road.

Fast forward to 1999.

There I am proudly walking up the assembly stage to collect my folder of documents, in front of all 1000+ bodies in the school, and taking all the certificates that were awarded to me (I think Joanne has already professedly shed light on the fact that I was a 'nerd' in high school... haha. Ok, she was nice enough to phrase it as 'academic jenny' and I may not have looked like a nerd, but inside I loved doing everything. Sad huh?! lol!), and as I descended from the elavated platform to place myself back into my alotted seat, I eagerly opened up the midnight-blue presentation folder to investigate the goodies within.

And there it was. I had completely forgotten about it. The slip of paper on which I wrote my 'dream profession' 6 years ago as a fresh soul to the world of high school and growing up, was staring weatheredly up at me.

"I want to be an accountant when I grow up. That's because my dad is an accountant and I think that is so cool"

See, what did I tell you. Total nerd. (no discredit to the bean counters who are reading this!! Including my mum, dad, and brother! We totally respect your profession, and much of our world wouldn't function without your proficient bean-counting abilities :D) I guess my point in all this, is that life has a funny way to turn in ways we do not expect. Look at me 7 years since that day at graduation. I went and consumed a 4 year graphic design degree + 1 year in business/marketing, and have since become a designer and photographer! :D I promise if I ever find that sheet of paper, I will photograph it and show you, with my bad 7th grade handwriting and all! :)

Anyway, today I couldn't be further from being an accountant. And I couldnt be more satisfied :) I'm happy with what I do (It's not perfect, so please don't think that! but I do love it), and I love the fact that my job cant be boxed into blacks and whites....I love that it comes painted with a kaleidescope of colours, shapes, and a myriad of little windows to see the world around me in funny different ways.

I wonder what YOUR childhood dream profession was? :)

Oh, and I promise I will TRY not to post more dorky photos of myself :p TRY is the word! lol! It was a cheap BAD idea, but I just couldn't resist!

A big thanks to Ju for agreeing to take this really silly shot for me! haha :D



Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wynn and Jocelynn [FULL set]

The sun was ablaze in its mighty midday-glory pinned against the striking expanse of sky and cloud, and as I slowed my car down into the driveway of no. 82, I, for one moment, thought I had mistakenly pin-pointed the wrong house.

It was so quiet. Where were all the cars? the people? the buzz? I was supposed to photograph a wedding, but I scrunched up my nose in pure confusion at the serenity of the place and wondered deeply if I had picked the wrong residence. I pulled out my sheets of paper with the bride's handwriting and yep - it was right. No 82. No doubt about it. So where was... everything? *Eyebrows raised*

I'm a chicken. Truly I am. You don't know this, but one of my biggest fears is to walk up confidently to a house I am supposed to be at, thinking I'm going to see a familiar face, only to find a complete stranger ask me who I am and what I am doing there. I actually pause and double check if I have got it right before I decide to ever knock! Well, this was one of those moments. Snap out of it Jenny Sun! I had to tell myself. You're being stupid and illogically crazy. The writing on my form said 'No. 82' and the house fixed at my front displayed a clear 82. So, I decided to kickbox away my fears, park the car, and just rock on up - the worst that could happen is that some foreign face would greet me, see me in my ninja gear (hehe, its what I term the 'all black outfit' we photographers wear - I am DETERMINED to find an appropriate but TRENDY ensemble to shoot in!! Still on the prowl I tell ya), wonder who I am, proceeded by myself swallowing a spoonful of embarrasment and go my own way.

Once stepping in though, I knew I got the right house :)

While the atmosphere wasn't painted with a frenzied charge that accompanies most weddings I've been to, I eventually worked out that it seemed fitting...for the bride, that is. For you see, Jocelynn, is just the opposite to all that fervor - that is, she's totally laid back, and laid-back in still a very much warm and bubbly way. She defiintely takes the trophy home for being the calmest bride I've had the pleasure to work with thus far... Even while she was doing a tug-of-war battle with liking her makeup, even when she had to run barefoot to the hotel after the bridal car broke down, even during some of the other pot holes that made a spotlight appearance on the day, when most brides might haved cried and turned on the stress-switch, she kept her cool and her smile and her positive spirit was always close by. She is the kind of girl that you just can't NOT like. Seriously.

As for what Wynn was doing at the time, I wasn't sure (Gosh I wish I could split myself into two, and also photograph the groom preparations too!), but I don't think its too incorrect (if I am wrong Wynn, you can speak now or forever hold your peace! lol) if I said he was probably, in his own resolute and zealous way, checking that everything was in order, making sure that things were running smoothly, and that things were just 'perfect' for this wonderful big day. You could always trust that he would take care of things.

You see, that is just how the two are - the proverbial perfectionist, and the ever-blitheful soul - A case of 'opposites attract' in my eyes, and a marriage of 2 starkly different people but one that compliments each other in the very best of ways possible :)

I've said it before, but I have to say it again - their wedding, which was kicked off at St Mary's Anglican Church, Kuala Lumpur, followed by dinner at the Parkroyal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, was an absolute pleasure to photograph. Not only because they are great people, but because they embraced me as a friend on the day, and not just some random photographer - plus I got to meet some of their zany friends! Apart from that, it was fun, youthful, and very centered around a Christ-like love. And from the toasts and speeches delivered around the banquet room that night, you could tell this love had wonderfully sprinkled itself across the hearts of many who were there to share their special union. Even the bumps and crevices of the day couldn't subtract from the glow that emanated from the love and commitment that they share :)

Click [HERE] to see the full slideshow set (For those friends and family who cant get enough of these two, you will have to email them personally if you want to see their entire wedding photo collection in flash-gallery format! :) ), and as always, have a look below for some of my favourite shots from their wedding (apart from the ones I've already shown previously):

I love shoe shots! Maybe its because Im a girl, I dont know but I seriously have FUN trying to get shoe shots right at each wedding!

The bride enjoying part of the makeup process before going off to the church
For some reason, everyone in the family got a turn to 'put' on the veil. I can't remember what was said but apparently it must have been the joke of the year because it set everyone off laughing their heads off! Very cute :)
Beautiful choice of pinks/apricots blended in with the champagne colour of the bridesmaids dresses. I thought it was gorgeous as they were basking in some beeeautiful natural sunlight!
Ring exchange :) You can see the slideshow for their kiss!
Ahhh, walking down the aisle...their first moment as husband and wife, after 5 years journeying together as boyfriend and girlfriend...
Petals! Petals! Petals! I just LOVE it when stuff like this is thrown at the bride and groom at weddings... just the look of their faces is priceless! You would think you've seen this shot before but if you look carefully its not the same :)
One of the shots taken during their lightning-speed of a formal portrait session :) Soo cute!
Sorry, I have a feet and shoe fetish at weddings! If you see me down on the floor snapping away, it is likely that someone(s) feet have caught my attention! This pair was cute :)
The bride. I don't care what she says about her hair and makeup, because I think she looks gorgeous in this shot!! :) Pay close attention everyone because you will NOT see this shot in the slideshow!

Thank you SOOO much, Wynn and Joce, for letting me and trusting me to document (but more importantly, WITNESS) your beautiful wedding. It was inspiring and encouraging to hear of your colourful journey as individuals, then as boyfriend and girlfriend, and I'm sure that as you embark on this new adventure that we call marriage, you will continue to spur and encourage others around you :) I hope you are both loving London life right now!

Much love,



Thursday, August 16, 2007


For those that don't know, I am a HUGE eater (except when Im working at shoots or when I feel down right lousy). Apart from that, I can eat more than some of the boys I know. No joke. If I didn't have more self-control - I would probably end up being charged for two people at buffets. And If I believed in re-incarnation (which I dont!), I wouldn't be surprised if I lived my last life as a pig or some sort of cow judging from the sheer amount that I consume sometimes.

Currently, I'm having one of those weeks where no matter what I eat, it just never seems to fill or be enough. Get this: Last Saturday I had dinner with some friends at Delicious By Ms Read [Bangsar Shopping Village] and I ordered a yummy red-based pasta along with a scrum-diddliumptious orange+peach smoothie for myself, and shared a caesar salad + a HUGE bowl of fries amongst all four of us. It was great I tell you!! Although I started noticing that I was the main consumer of the fries!! However, it doesnt stop there people - I then finished off my friend's duck pasta on top of everyting I had because she couldnt down the whole thing. Then to top it off, I had chocolate brownies with icecream to seal the envelope shut on the entire episode. All of it was just FAB in terms of taste, but this is the funny thing - I actually felt OK after the whole insane face stuffing session. You'd think I'd be ready to start throwing up with my face making friends with the toilet bowl but no! Mind you, I was VERY full, however I was okay nonetheless - there was no hint of nausea :)

[Photos courtesy of: and - I WILL learn to take my own pix to document my daily life eventually! lol Anyway, I just LOVE the colour scheme in this place! Aqua blue IS one of my favourite shades of the rainbow! Plus, here is a random rave: PLEASE try the chocolate brownies + icecream at this place - DIVINE I tell you. Best I've had and I'm NOT exaggerating. Ok, maybe just a little excited :p]

And then yesterday, I had my normal huge bowl of cereal with milk, which is usually enough to hold me until 12 to 1230 when I decide to go in search for my midday grubfest. However, yesterday, I was dismayed to find that my stomach was howling ceaselessly in want for more! And not in a healthy-dose kind of more, but rather in a lets-see-how-greasy-and-bad-for-you kind of more... apparently that weekend's craving for Nasi Lemak decided to siamise-twin stick itself to me because my tummy only had eyes for that. And THAT I did eat.

On top of that, I proceeded to eat pork noodles, plus wonton, plus soup, plus spare ribs, plus fried beans for lunch. And by about 4pm I was already calling it quits from my work as my appetite had clearly purified itself by then and was ready for dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary for the night time session - rice, and assortment of delicious chinese dishes... HOWEVER, I was craving more food by about 10ish... and was peckish for those incredible korean 2 minute noodles in spicy kimchi ramen soup.

(this is the brand I religiously eat when that instant-noodle craving bites me)

It almost happened. I kid you not.

However laziness and a fear of a ballooning figure kicked into my food-obsessed brain(yes, I KNOW some of you that know me ask where it all goes - well heck I would love to know too!! Trust me, I DO gain weight. 2006 was a testimony to that ;p However I think the adrenalin and fat burning nature of my photography work has helped keep the nasy fat cells shackled away in 2007), and I decided to plant myself in front of the computer that night instead to just plug away at editing photos :)

I still woke up hungry though :p


On a completely unrelated note, I'll be posting a wedding feature this weekend! I know some of you have been waiting ages for it so don't despair! It's coming with a full write up and all :) Check back then! Adios Amigos! ~



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mac vs PC


I'll never understand this 'war'.

Just like how I will never understand the same kind that exists between Nikon vs Canon.


Why can't we just accept that they are BOTH good in their own ways? I prefer it that way :)

Call me one of those WEIRD and RARE designers/photographers that seems to be okay with both - I am not passionately for nor against either :) I mean, I have to admit, Macs are pretty, and Canons are what I use, but so what? Why do we feel the need to pick on one and put the other down? Lets be friends... play nice! :) And leave it at that... there are better things to waste our argumentative breath over anyway ;)

Anyway, the reason why I brought up this topic was because I was looking at my stats today. Even despite the huge hype about MACs and all their prettiness (:p), 87.7% of all the traffic to my site is still viewed on the humble and more plain jane PC :) trivial and meaningless fact I do know, but I just had to share!

Oh, and I've had 2 hits from someone(s) from their mobile!! How cool is that! I wish I knew who it was :) Its kind of interesting that someone is taking time out of their day to surf to my webpage from their phone :) Hi to whoever you are!



Tuesday, August 14, 2007


She would often frolick across the soft padded surface, cantering across in small leaps and bounds, so fast that it almost seemed as if she was dancing with the air enveloping her. It was hard to imagine that there was so much energy bundled within her tiny frame - but then again, they do say that good things come in small packages.

Once her feet got tired of teasing the sheets with her spirited choreography, she deliberated. Sat down. And looked up. Her inflated pupils met mine, and I smiled. She was so cute, I thought to myself. At that point I realized in the miniscule span of 3 weeks, she had already grown. Alot.

I sighed, and then proceeded to drop a penny in the wishing well of my mind, as I wanted to selfishly press the pause button right at that moment so that she could remain this small and this fetching always... so that she could always fit neatly into my that I could always just scoop her up in a simple swift of my right hand...

But of course, as life has it. All things grow, all things age. Including ourselves. However, while the small does eventually evolve into the big, the witnessing of such a process can be a real joy. I've had the pleasure to file away in my memory bank alot of comical moments that still ignites a chuckle within when I pull them out for recollection.

Seriously though, Padme is so big compared to the day we picked her up. She was also plagued with an awful case of mange that caused her obvious discomfort because she exhibited an extremely docile and quiet character which is completely different to the personality that resonates with us today. Today, what we see is a feline that is ever playful, ever cheeky, ever curious....

Oh and she runs at the speed of light. I think she can contend with superman at this rate! No, really. :p

Anyway, for now, I'm going to take the opportunity to enjoy the 'small' moments of the growing up process, and let my camera do the 'pausing'. Below are some of the 'paused' moments I grabbed yesterday. I dare you to dig into my archives, open up a new window with the first photo snapped of Padme and compare with yesterday's shots. She looks alot better now - all scrubbed up I would say! :)

(taken in my room at night - hence the lack of natural light that I normally love to shoot in!)



Saturday, August 11, 2007


It was sitting right in front of me.

Steaming hot.

Delicious. Delectable.

The reds, whites and browns blended together in its own intricate and messy way to give the perfect picture of palatable heaven. Well, at least to me anyway :) I was starving, you have no idea. Oh, and the aroma of spices and coconut were just what my stomach ordered....

The spoon and forked dived in first, almost as if racing with one another to see who could touch the white grainy bumpy texture first. I call it a tie :) When they reached though, they hit a hard bump. What's this I cried??!! It's meant to be soft, penetrable and edible!! But no, nothing was there apart from dense solid bone.

What am I rambling about? Well, this is in line with the 'let-you-know-more-about-the-girl-behind-the-lens-spirit' - you see, I have blooper episodes. And a LOT of them :) But I love my friends and family who love me back despite my goofy whimsical moments. Even at shoots, the jokes I make to get my lovely clients to throw caution to the wind and unleash a wonderful warm and natural laugh is almost always at my expense. I admit I can be quite the dork! haha..

Anyhow, today's blooper moment came when I was duly grumpy at my nasi lemak (I was craving it after today's early early morning shoot) who decided to present to my rapacious taste buds what seemed like an empty chicken bone part! However, when digging futher and pushing past that incredibly rich sambal sauce that seemed to bury everything , I realised I had been eating that darn thing upside down!! When I turned it the right side up and scraped off the excess sambal, I was delightfully surprised to find MEAT :D

Yes, that's the girl behind the lens for you *sigh*

Forgive me!

Anyway, before I forget, I wanted to say a big THANKS to Xj for your time on today's shoot! It was heaps of fun!!)



Friday, August 10, 2007

Pearls of Wisdom

I learned recently that one of the best things one can do for their photography and business is to be yourself.

That's right, 100% natural. 100% me. No added flavours, colours or preservatives. Just me.

They said that the personality you give off and show to the rest of the world, will attract clients who have similar personalities, or love similar personalities which is why its so important to be yourself because if you work for and meet those that are simliar to you, it makes for a great partnership! - And that is how I see working with clients - to me, they are not just numbers in my book. They are partners with me! They are people, whom I love getting to know, whom I want to care for, and I always think if I can walk away from a job I do with seeds planted for a friendship, then I am truly happy :)

So, in the spirit of this new pearl of wisdom that has left its thumbprint on my heart, I've decided its time to let you all know a bit more about the girl behind the lens :) Bit by bit. It's kind of scary opening myself up, especially since I don't know 99% of the people that decide to knock on the JSP website door - but I'm learning that it's ok.

I don't need to pretend to be super intelligent, or ultra cool, nor sophisticated, or so uberly-know-it-all. Because I'm not! Inside, I still feel like that girl who thought mud-pies really were pies made of mud that could be eaten!, who cries at the slightest hint of sentimentality in tv shows and movies, who is the perennial perfectionist, who still loves her soft fluffy toys, who loves goofy jokes, who isn't ashamed to speak her mind in her own dorky way, who is insanely addicted to a really good laugh, and who just loves being with people (especially friends and family) to bits!

To start, I thought it would be cool (sorry if it may seem otherwise!) to share on a weekly basis 3 things that I am totally thankful for, and 3 things that I just LOVE. Everyone loves a dose of positive indulgence (I know I do!) so here is mine to contribute to the world :)

3 things I am thankful for this week:
- God given opportunities
- Time to sleep (when one gets older, you realise what a luxury it is!)
- Parents (I've learned that no matter where you are, what you have done, they are always there, and in this fast changing society where little remained planted firm in the ground or the same, their love and support never fades or changes. I thank God for that!)

3 things I just LOVE this week:
- emails and comments (can I cheat and make 2 things into one? :p)
- kose lipgloss in pink
- paypal!! (gosh it makes shopping in today's age so universal!)



Thursday, August 9, 2007

Looking in

Her eyes bore into his face, searching for hints of reassurance. Not knowing what they would discover, they searched and searched as if looking and waiting for a court verdict that would have lifelong consequences.

You can and will be able to do it.

Are you sure? Like, really really sure? You can't just say that for the sake of saying it.

I know you will make it. I know you will do it.

She smiled, and an unfamiliar breath of light relief impressed upon her uncertainties. She knew a long road was awaiting her feet to take flight on, without the clarity and resolution she so craved, however she decided to reaffirm in her mind that this would be an adventure, flirting with fate almost...and not some foolish impulse.

But for tonight, she had decided to stop negotiating with her doubts, and to trust his few but confident words... but more importantly to trust God. To have faith in the one who put her on this journey.

Echoes of the past and the present have been swimming in my head during the past few weeks. The above conversation has not been a single occurence...dejavu has visited me on numerous occasions. After reflecting, and then upon stumbling upon another lady photographer's work in the process whom has really inspired me to let loose and just be me and not be afraid to show it, I thought before I post further entries showcasing photography work, I would anchor these floating contemplations down.

This entry will touch on a slightly more personal note, however I felt it appropriate to share how I felt when plunging myself into this industry. It might give you an interesting insight into the girl behind the lens. You have been warned ;) And don't worry, these posts wont be too frequent.

Like a little child learning how to ride her bike on the road, without the training wheels for the first time, fear and uncertainty were common friends of mine. When I first decided to take the dive into photography, and transition my status from hobbyist to business woman, I can tell you it was one of the scariest things I have ever done. Sirens were wailing in my head day after day, questioning if the choice I made was a stupid one. You see, I am a person that loves the certain, I love plans, checklists and concrete strategies... I love reason and logic (ironic! I know! Considering I come from a graphic design background!) - so to take a chance to do something that I loved, but had little professional experience in, was a huge thing for me!

I was questioning myself, those around me, and God, day after day, whether I should have pursued what has always just been an aloof dream in my mind. Is it ok to chase after an unconventional dream? Is it ok to work and not earn week-in-week-out expected income? Do I have what it takes? Am I talented enough? Do I even have talent? Will I really stand out or make an impact in this heavily populated industry? Will people like me? There were days when I really felt I had made the most colossal mistake of my life... when my email inbox sat lone and empty, when the feedback on my work was also painstakingly thin... and the jobs just weren't coming in no matter how much I was putting myself out there.

BUT, you know what? God provides. He really does!! I'm not saying this to promote some ridiculous 'prosperity' gospel that this world so loves to chew up. I'm saying it because from my 25-year reality so far, God really has!! Not always in the ways I imagine, and that is not to say I've always gotten what I wanted, BUT He does provide and gives us what is best for us. Just like a parent doesn't always give their child lollies all the time because it can become bad for them, well its the same concept :) I eventually met friends who inspired me and their generosity in sharing their knowledge encouraged me to not only keep pursueing this elusive desire in my heart, but also remind myself to share with others too - for what goes around comes around. Then, the feedback I needed and the jobs also started to just fall in my lap... I was floored!

It didn't come without pitfalls though... Gosh, there were days where I felt like I wanted the whole world to swallow me up because of mistakes I had made - I am a perfectionist to a tee, you see - I love making things perfect, and delivering perfection when I know its attainable... Yet those roadbloacks I got given, and the nerves suffered on-the-job-in-a-new-scene make you better and stronger as a result. I think the gain you get from one mistake far outweighs 10 jobs done with perfection. And the doubts? They eventually fade :) Though not gone... I still get visits from them every now and again, but with the help of wonderful friends, family, and amazingly warm clients (you guys who have used me in the past and future are JUST THE BEST!) whom embrace my work so generously, I can smile and move on and do what I love doing. I know I'm not 'there' yet, but there is definitely alot more hope now rather than anticipated disappointment.

So what you say? Well, what I am saying is... I don't regret a single thing on my relatively short journey so far despite the beginnings and occasional lack of faith I harbour in the present. I love what I do, in its own special way it breathes life into my daily brief existence here on this planet, and in the process I have met some wonderful people. I thank God for everything along this journey - the highs AND the lows, the victories AND the mistakes. For it really is about the journey and not the destination right? (haha, don't shoot me for spilling out such cliched fluff, but I do mean it!!)

Anyway, this is not meant to be one of those cliched 'believe in your dreams, no matter what you can do it' catch cries. I'm not selling you that because I know I'm incredibly lucky to do what I do - and that not everyone gets their dreams depsite all their passion and belief. In my very long-winded way (yes, those that know me know that I sometimes talk too much :p), it was meant to eventually turn into a thank you post :)

SO, I want to take this opportunity to thank some great photographers (and friends!) who have been SO willing to share their knowledge with me, which in turn has really inspired me in more ways than one - I am a better person and photographer as a result....

But I also REALLY want to thank those angels that God has put into my life - these people I am indebted to for supporting my dreams, and pushing me to go further than where I believed I could go, not letting me wallow in my disappointments, and for just believing in me - having THAT faith in me, which is more than I have in myself somedays. I honestly cannot find the words to adequately express the gratitute I feel for what you have done in your own little AND big ways. Everything I have done and has happened, and will happen in the future with regards to my photography work will always trace its finger back to you. You all know who you are :)

And thank You mostly to God, for not letting me forget that besides passion, ability, motivation and ambition to make it in this insanely saturated industry, I need to trust You first and foremost, and to have faith in You in all things, all times... to wait upon Your provision and sovereingty amidst it all (and I'm NOT just referring to photography now). Thank you for letting me do what I love (I know it is a blessing every day that I think about it, and I know that what I have and have been given are not my own), but more importantly, thank You for hanging onto me, tigher than I hold onto you - I love and need You more than life itself :)



Monday, August 6, 2007

coming :)

Yes, the updates are coming.

Stay tuned :)