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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sydney: Monday

Sorry, this post was meant to go up on Monday, but my trip has been so packed!!! This is probably the first chance I've had to get online to write a morsel of anything, and on top of that, Im not using my own computer because my laptop has decided to get VERY VERY sick :( So I'm sorry for the slow reply to emails, and erratic blog posts til I get back to some form of settled routine. Much love for your wonderful understanding!! :)

8 hours of transit across the Indian ocean, a mere handful of hours of sleep, and 20kg of packed baggage had now been left behind me. What currently stood in front was a state of acute exhaustion, ice-tipped toes, and a sense of nervous excitement.

It was good to be on home soil again… Sydney soil that is. Granted, I have two homes now, that familiar scent of homeliness still always greets me with its snug nostalgic arms as I step into those doors… that house… my room.

While the air bit gnawingly at my skin with its unforgiving cold cloak today, blowing my frazzled curls into a chaotic state, I pondered over what would await me over the next few days. The weather was unexpected, for sure… What happened to spring? Did winter push her out of the way and refuse to let her reign as she was supposed to? Because the frostiness of winter’s breath was kissing at my unprepared Malaysian-climatized cheeks causing the red to flee from under my skin.

It didn’t matter though – the cold didn’t stamp out the wonderful first day I had back on home territory. I saw new and familiar faces, drank in the sights of old and changed places, enjoyed the experience of eating fresh gourmet sandwiches with ROCKET LETTUCE (wow, I love this stuff) again, and celebrated the fact that God graciously allows me to live across two countries that are beautiful in their own strange and quirky ways.

I’m sorry I don’t have photos to share today. I forgot to bring out my camera in my rush out of the house, and while it’s normally married to my side – my fatigue took over my memory’s ability to excel today – so I only have some rather sad looking shots taken of George street at 630pm from my camera phone when the sky decided to spit rain from above. Maybe I’ll share later if I am in the mood to put out photos that define the word ‘pixelated’ [update: I've decided to share!!]. For now, I’m resting my head in preparation for another huge day tomorrow.

Camera comes with me this time :)


Thursday, September 13, 2007

A teaser

Just thought I'd tease you with a couple of photos.... ;) You'll meet these two in the near future! I'll be doing the full write-up and showcasing the complete set from this wedding feature in due time. Remember, good things come to those who wait, so check back often!! For now, enjoy the previews above!! :)

*click on the pictures to see larger version*

I've been getting alot of emails regarding these photos, and while I dont normally like to spoil surprises ahead of time, I thought I'd let you all in on a couple more photos from this shoot since everyone has been asking about them!! I think due credit goes to the two 'models' in the photos though. They worked the camera like magic, and in return my camera loved them back immensely for it!! :) (And I haven't even shown you my favourite shots yet!).

(For those wondering what that reddy thing is in front of them, it was the railing of a bridge. My f2.8 lens caused the bokeh to look like that!)

Anyway, enjoy the extra teasers... but seriously, thats it for now! Things are crazy in the JSP department because I'm travelling overseas for a wedding from this weekend onwards - so forgive me if emails and blog posts are a little erratic. I'll be back with HEAPS to share I promise! :D

Much love! ~Jen


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Light was slowly dipping below the horizon, and as far as my eyes could spread their view across, the entire world before me almost seemed completely saturated in a lustrous caramel-honeyed bath. The red that had risen so quickly during the day, finally peaked and deliberated at 38 degrees celcius, proving that the heat which married itself to the surface of our skins was not a figment of our imagination...the swelter was intense, real, and ablaze. Completely different from what had visited us daily the past few weeks where the heavens opened up and cried upon the land each evening...

However, I was not complaining :) It was perfect for the independence day celebrations that were lined up - and what was install? Food!! And plenty of it!! A BBQ to be more exact... I come from Australia, where BBQs are a great way to gather friends especially in summer when the weather is just blistering hot. I don't know why we aussies love it, but there is just something about the intertwining of heat, sun, lots of meat, salad, fire, charcoal-tinged food, and cold cold drinks in the outdoors that makes for an excellent social :)

I know merdeka day (this is equivalent to Australia Day for all you aussies out there!) was more than a week ago so this post is totally overdue (!), but they say that its better late than never right? ;) Here's what filled the air that evening - bear in mind that these are personal-life photos! Not official shoot photos! :) And just in case any of you ask - there was no flash used in any of the following shots :D

This is what the sunlight looked like just before the sunset, and before the BBQ started. I tried some backlighting thanks to some WONDERFUL inspiration from the USA :) Sometimes breaking the rules makes for some fun captures!! Click on it to see a larger version.

No BBQ feels right without iced-chilled drinks :) And thus here begins the socialising over the food :D A very cute little necklace that caught my eye that evening :) Even Padme got to join in on the fun!

Sorry, this shot is square because I chose to cut my head out of it. I do prefer to remain behind the camera :) Just a shot to let you see how much she has grown, though she is still small!
The night ended with a really fun round of taboo!! My favourite 'board game'. We learned how to play with just 4 people that night!! haha....

The boys didnt REALLY win. It was an old score card from a previous game.... ;)


Monday, September 10, 2007

Introductions :)

Hi everyone!

I know... I'm terribly behind in my photo-blogging. I HAVE been taking photos... ALOT of them... hundreds upon hundres actually. Portraits, wedding photos, and personal life photos alike... The lack of photography posting has no one to blame but myself (:p) and the whirlwind couple of weeks I've had lately!! Woah... I'm still waiting for the second I can breathe! haha...

Anyhow, just to let you know I've not been lazying around, here are a couple of people I'd like you to meet:

(1) Mandy

(2) Rebecca
(we call her becca for short - and NO, she isn't mine! lol!) Surprise surprise, I do portrait sessions too! Not just weddings :) Now those that know me, will know I'm not really one to plug myself (ie. advertise/draw attention to) but I really would love to say in the sincerest of ways that babies, adults, couples, familes, well anyone really! are all part of the portraiture I love doing...I particularly enjoy shooting candidly;) ... so pretty please do consider me if you are thinking of putting yourself in the frame anytime :) It would truly be an honour to be able to capture an essence of your personality on camera.

The above shots are just some previews to some portrait photo features I'll be doing later... hopefully sooner rather than later! :) So check back regularly! I have other people whom I'd like to introduce to you too, but I'll save them for another time. We cant spoil all surprises can we! ;)

Sayonaro for now! :D

ps: Do remember you CAN click on the posted photos to see a larger version :)


Friday, September 7, 2007

Love and thanks

Monday seemed like just a mere instant ago....where did all the time go? The tail-end of the week had just surfaced into view, and Friday was now blaring straight into my face.

It's unbelievable sometimes, how velociously time can scream right past us before we even realize how far it has run off to. It's like God had given her cheetah-like legs to take flight, off into oblivion.

You must forgive me if the recipe in my words today, have been carelessly neglected a good dose of eloquence.. you see, over the past few days I've been visited by a stomach bug, been on the day's special menu for a few leeches, and the adrenalin fueling my activities over the course of the week has now graciously moved aside to the pityful deposits I've made lately into my sleepbank account. Oh yes, I am tired.

But I'm resolved to not let all that paint black marks on how I feel. So, I'm going to take a time-out to reflect over the things I am thankful for these last couple of weeks, and things that I love. Because I missed last week, there is a double helping to this course! :)

6 things I just LOVE this week:

- backlighting (I've realized that there's no need to ALWAYS get that 'perfect exposure' anymore! Who cares? Shoot with the sun piercing from behind! I found some lovely results which I'll share soon!)

- Roti canai (this stuff is probably the most sinful on the malaysian culinary delights menu, but I tell you - its SO good. Blend your eating experience of it with some quality daal sauce and the flavour just melts on your tongue. I've had it twice this week :p I suspect cholesterol levels are on the rise!)

- McDonalds Chicken nuggets (they really do have an uncanny way to cheer my stomach up! lol, and those that know me know that there are 4 things that I can never say no to whether I am feeling happy or sad, hungry or full - McDonalds chicken nuggets is a definite keeper, and so are french fries, salt-and-vinegar chips, and BBQ'd chicken wings - YUMM!)

- Fridges that eliminate humidity (I'm sorry, I don't know what they are called - I told you eloquence wouldn't be my friend today. Anyway, thank you Ju for so patiently looking after my cameras, lenses, and other gear with that fridge. I know my tiredness translated to a disgruntled Jen for a period, but I want to say that it did not go unnoticed, and though it did not appear to seem so, I really did appreciate the care :) )

- Unexpected messages of praise (I am not an attention seeker in regards to my work and what I do, however its hard not to be excited and warmed within when those occasional messages float into my day supporting and/or appreciating work that has been done. Lots of love to any of you who have been kind enough to express such sentiments. You don't know how much it means to me :) It's people like you that make it ALL worthwhile, and fuel the want to keep going!)

- Home by Deb Fung (this song is just amazing. As a Christian, her words really pricked at my heart and it gave me goosebumps - in a good way!! - when I heard this live performance online. If you have time, seek it out and have a listen. It has to be one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in a long time... well worth it, I promise! Oh, and plus side - not only is she Christian, and has this remarkable crystal-clear voice, but she is also an Aussie!!! :D)

6 things I am thankful for this week:
- challenges (they make one stronger)

- mistakes (they make one wiser)

- grace (sometimes when things cannot get you down more, life, people, God or all of the three have a funny way to show you that there is still good in this world..that there is One who is always looking out for us, even when hurdles are thrown our way)

- sunny weather (we have been so deeply deprived of good, dry, luminous weather so I really praise God for his provision to us down here on this humble little patch of land in letting us bask under it after a long period of rain)

- time (Time to breathe, time to eat, time to sleep, time to reflect, time with people, time to stop. When you have so little time, you really realize how important it becomes when you can grasp it in your hands. I'm thankful I've had some time this week to just stop. It was as fleeting as that rare summer breeze that comes and goes in a sweltering unyeilding heatwave, but its visit was incredibly welcomed, and I await for its sooner rather than later return)

- God (in everything I do, and whatever that happens, especially the bad - I realize how much I love my heavenly father. This week has not exactly been stellar in the scale of things, but I really praise Him so much for pulling me through and enveloping me with His peace that truly surpasses all things. Thank you for your strength and Fatherly hand - I can stand firm because your fingers are my gravity...



Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The clock had just tipped its hands past 12, spilling slowly over into the afternoon act of the day.

It wasn't how I knew it to be. Doors were closed, chairs were stacked up on tables, and life had decided to temporarily flee the scene. There were of course the odd passerbys, and a stray cat plodding tediously over the warm concrete paths. It was as if the entire street embodied a completely different facade while the sun displayed its full golden brilliance to the world planted below it. Instead of the ceaseless crowds of people saturating the pavements and the cacophony of engines, laughter, shouting, heels against cement, and drumming beats permeating the night air, today at this point in time, it was very still.

Asian Heritage Row was abnormally peaceful.

While most would grace this road with their presence after sundown, my feet stepped into its paved mouth while light was still in excessive abundance. I knew however, it would soon undergo its regular metamorphosis as soon as that silver rock in the night sky would make its appearance. For now though, I was content to walk leisurely through the calm, and in through the doors of a new eatery that had decided to dot its presence amidst the sprightly reputation of shops and restaurants that Asian Heritage Row is known for.

A club? A pub? A disco? No... Surprisingly enough, the new contender for attention here is a quaint little cafe called Bisou.

Now, those that know KL, will know that the cafe lifestyle is somewhat dim compared to where I come from. Me? I love cafes.... I'm a TOTAL cafe girl. Give me a good coffee and salad or gourmet sandwich anyday over fine dining or a club/pub. You will more likely find me chilling out in a character filled cafe over some hearty food and a small group of friends, than at the latest buzzing night scene flooded by huge mobs of acquaintances and strangers alike.

So you see, to come from a city (I'm referring to Sydney) where it is just LOADED with top notch cafes, to this city (where anything asian, cheap, and fast dominates) where I've really had to dig for cafe gems (I'm still looking!), it was quite a pleaseant surprise to stumble upon this new joint at Asian Heritage Row. But the question remained - would it live up to what I was hoping it to provide my curious palate? Now, I'm not a food blogger - I blog about photos - but since this is a cafe, I can't help myself... I can't help but write AND photograph about it :)

So, this is what eventually travelled into my stomach in different portions:

- a bagel stuffed with salmon, capers, onions, and lemon juice (YUMM)
- some sort of eggplant bolognaise bake (it sounds really weird, but I tell you, it was heartily GOOD)
- potato and leek soup with thick toasted bread (this was my favourite)
- some of their trademark cupcakes (which was what attracted me to their joint in the first place!)

And of course, here are some photos:

The funky placemats!

My salmon bagel

The cute little box where they put your cupcakes if you are taking away :)

The peanut butter chocolate cupcake - mmmmm!! :)

The chocolate chocolate (yes, I deliberately typed that twice! haha) cupcake.

The nutella cupcake - this one looks so good, but I unfortunately didnt get the opportunity to eat it as I decided to give this one to a friend who also has a sweet tooth :)

Overall, I would say that Bisou deserves a second visit. Their food was hearty, fresh, and the customer service was great :) I highly recommend that peanut butter chocolate cupcake - it's TOTALLY worth the weight gain :p

And thanks to Mandy who graciously shouted lunch that day - all of you reading this space will meet her soon!

Til then! Ciao!



Sunday, September 2, 2007

Behind the other side

Thick blankets of grey had enveloped the sky for weeks already, and the colour blue seemed like such a stranger to the people inhabiting the city. Those who were hungry for the sun's glowing rays to melt the uninspiring celestial sphere, including myself, seemed to have been left wanting, waiting for the drought to end.

On the morning I headed out, nothing had appeared to change. It almost seemed as if the solar bands of light were battling to peep through the obese weight of the clouds and haze, losing in the end...impenetrable. But when I reached my destination, it was as if God had decided to smile on this one miniscule patch of KL city, because a beautiful cyan expanse greeted my view as I looked heavenward. And boy, was I happy :)

It meant that the photos to be taken on that day would be graced with warmth and colour! We, photographers love that!! Who would've guessed? :p

Anyway, my babbling aside, I wanted to take a quick moment to thank Xj for taking some time out of his schedule that day to appease my request to get a few shots of myself so I could use them on my website (yes, I told you I'm updating!). I have to admit, it was weirder than I originally thought to be on the other side of the lens... I've been so comfortable and accustomed to being behind the camera, shooting away at people and getting them excited about being photographed and looking great, AND feeling natural at the same time. So to be on the otherside, even for a brief moment, was quite a turn of the tables and a very new experience for me!

However, Xj, being professional as he was, made it fun, and I have to say thanks for managing to capture my personality in the frame :) My clients will be able to grasp a window into who I am as a result of your work. Cheers!!!!

ps: Stay tuned everyone, I'm posting up some new photos on this blog soon! Watch this space!! :D