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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Signature Photographers...Coming Soon

During the past few months, something has been brewing to stir the waters in the Malaysian Wedding Photographer's circle...While I cannot give out the full details yet (very very soon though!!), have a read of this article that came out in The Star Paper (its like the Daily Telegraph for all you Aussies reading this!) today:

So, bookmark the website URL because the Signature Photographers website will be launching very soon!!

And save the 10th August into your diaries so you can BE THERE at the first event :) Be sure to tell all your friends (both photographers and couples alike, and anyone else who is interested!!) to bookmark the date and URL. We are coming.

ps: The image you see in the above article is by one of the photographers in this group, Edmund Tham.


Joel said...

great ideas in that article! sydney might need some of this sort of thing...

Jenny Sun said...

Yeah, I agree... the US is seriously at the forefront of wedding photography and the rest of the world is WAAAAYYYY behind them.... photography wise and wedding-consumer wise.

I think in Australia/Sydney though, it will have to be brought forth and tied together by strong full timers in the industry in order to pull off the weight needed to generate the buzz that will get the market's attention. At least, at present, the Sydney market is fairly ahead in terms of ideas (while still behind the US, the standard is fairly good) for wedding and wedding photography.

Mark Leo said...

Awesome stuff indeed! I totally agree that Malaysia is still lagging behind and this group will definitely pave the way for us!

Can't wait to see the website when it is launched!

astherlau said...

Sooo cool!!! Yes I'd like to attend. What time will it be?

eric said...

you go gurl! not to mention the only rose among the bunch of thorns ;p ever thought of giving photography classes? but i doubt you have the time do ya? for a friend maybe? heheh

Jenny Sun said...

The event on the 10th, is tentatively scheduled for 12pm til about 3 or 4pm. Details will be launched really soon.

haha, as for me teaching photography classes? I don't think its a matter of time, but more... what can I offer the market? I'm not keen on just churning out another workshop in town for the sake of teaching what is already out there ;) If I do launch a workshop, I hope to be teaching something different and new :) Maybe in the near future... and it is in my mind to be done, but there are some things, people and places to be/see before I will take that leap :) We'll see if it all works out - God willing!

teresaling said...

Hey Jenny!
Looks like you're the only girl there. This even sounds interesting. I may drop by and hopefully get to meet you in person! :)

Cathy Crawley said...

What a fabulous idea! That first paragraph in the article says it all, I fell that I am ALWAYS trying to educate prospective clients in the difference between the weekend cowboys and the full time professionals. You do get what you pay for. And yes, Australia needs this too!