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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jen and Ju

Yeah! That's us! :) I'm finally in front of a computer with real internet access so I will be re-doing that draft/wedding that I lost the other day and I hope to post it by no later than MONDAY (I'm planning to get a haircut and celebrate my birthday this weekend! :D). In the meantime, enjoy some photos of my own big day. This draft has been refining in the cooking pot for quite sometime and I'm finally ready to post it after putting my favourite images together in a couple of slideshows.

Anyhow, I know alot of you are wondering what it is like for a photographer to be married and be on the other end of the wedding day. I also know alot of you want to see what the photos were like. And lastly, I'm sure you want to know if I actually did the unthinkable and picked up my camera to photograph on the day.

Well... lets start with the last one. 65% voted I would - and that majority was right. I did do the unthinkable!! I did pick up my camera on my own wedding day. Well, the hair + makeup was well underway and I was waiting for my photographer to arrive so I took pictures of my own bridal party getting ready! haha :p

Thanks to vincy who took the above shot for evidence haha!! Anyhow, I only took a measly few shots - I think I could have counted them all on my fingers. But since this post isn't about my images, but about our official wedding photos, I'll try to focus on the right topic.

The alarm shook and then poured out its cacophony of noise pollution, guaranteed to shovel out anyone from the deepest of sleep. Anyone but myself that is. I had slept at 2 that morning, and the clock had begun its audio display at close to 5. My thoughts at that present were only to grasp whatever left of sleep I could before it faded before my eyes. I think God had other plans though, because despite my rather anti-morning persona, I couldn't stay in a state of slumber any further. The buzzing of activity downstairs, chatter, and laughter had floated its way up to my room, and by then I knew... it was time.

The day was glorious to wake up to though. We had perfect weather. After a stretch of wet Saturdays for almost 2 months, the sun handsomely displayed himself across the blue expanse in an almost royal form, while gently radiating only the most gentle rays of warmth to trim off the rest of the picturesque setting before our eyes. Thank God.

I was nervous though, excited, and at the same time just thrilled that after 8 years of courtship, we were closing the chapter on one part of our life, and opening another. Corny? Yes. True? Even more so. People, events, sounds, tastes, and sights sprinted past our minds so fast that day, I felt that even if the wind had carried us on the tails of a shooting star, we would only have paled in the distance to where everything was. And before we knew it, it hit 7pm and the day was over. We were able to cast off our shoes onto the sand coloured carpet, and just look out the window over looking circular quay as dusk was settling in. Lights began flickering on, and shades of purple, pink, and blue were being stirred in with the black that was trickling itself over the scene before our eyes.

A week later, we were in KL not to be married, but really to party and celebrate the fact that we ARE married. God gifted us with the grayest of days and a thunderstorm as its accessory, but we were alright with that :) Bali was awaiting us the next day, and I just remember thinking about how much I was looking forward to sleeping for the next 10 years and not waking up. Being a bride is fun... but seriously? I think running cross country is not as taxing - mentally, emotionally, and physically as being the bride at a wedding.

Some of you might be wondering how I felt being a bride for the first time. In all honesty? As fun as it was, I think what comes after is much much better and so underrated compared to weddings. I love the day to day life that being a wife brings, much more than wearing that white dress and pretty shoes on the wedding day itself. And I may be biased when I say this, and this is ONLY my PERSONAL point of view, but I love being a photographer at a wedding so much more than being the bride :p Blame it on my low key nature (I find it VERY weird to have hundreds of eyes on you, staring at you all day, taking pictures of you every moment, etc), but I love being behind the scenes and still getting those moments that happen quietly behind the radar and under all those chaotic and exciting layers that weddings bring.

So? What am I waiting for? Here are our wedding photos. I finally got my act together, made the photos look pretty for the slideshow, and then put the whole slideshow together with some songs :)

While I had a team of really cool friends helping out with the photograhy - wow, that list is so long - Ian, Sam, Vincy....Sydney's official photos were courtesy of my awesome awesome friends: Dawn Lam and Andrew Chung of Storyphotography. Seriously, I could have had my pick from so many photographers in this industry, since I work and study who is in it, but I felt, and knew that as a bride, I wanted to be comfortable with my photographer... so I thought, why not get friends. Heck, they take AMAZING photos anyway, so I didn't have to think twice. Thanks guys - you were wonderful additions to the day.

On another note with the Sydney wedding - I really really praise God for the wonderful team of people that made my inkling of ideas into tanglible concrete realities. I was so humbled to know and see the generosity that people selflessly gave to help out on the day itself. It proves to me that God really blesses us with wonderful family and friends. The list is endless, but I promise that I'm working on those thank you cards + gifts :) Its the least that I can do for the amazing work and all the effort put into the big and even the tiniest of details.

These were courtesy of Louis Pang, and his assistant Zach Chin. Thank you to the both of you as well. The day was nuts, and you both handled it like pros - including the TORRENTIAL RAIN!! haha :p

And lastly, just a small note behind the choices I made for our wedding:
(1) We had a navy blue + cream/silver theme. I know that's a rather odd choice for an asian couple, but the times are getting more modern and it was our favourite colour so we went with it. Our invitations, table settings, cake and so on were all decorated around this theme. We got lots of compliments for the end result so I guess the choice worked? :) I have utmost respect for the beliefs behind other couple's colour choices for weddings, so please keep that in mind when reading this. My point is, its your day - do what you want :) If red makes you happy, then shoot for the stars. If its blue, then rock on with blue... and so on :)

(2) I chose bright orange calla lilies for my bridal bouquet, keeping it small in a posy style. Reason being - I love bright colours and I find that when taking pictures, if everything is kind of white, black or cream, a splash of bright red, or yellow, or orange, or burgundy is just gorgeous in photos. I chose a smallish posy bouquet because after photographing so many weddings, I've realized the most beautiful bouquets are simple and NOT HEAVY to hold (the huge ones end up being left on the footpath while pictures are being taken because they fight for attention with the bride and groom in pictures, and it gets uncomfortable to hold as well). I ended up dressing my bouquet with a navy blue satin ribbon, fastened with a crystal diamonte studs to give it that extra sparkle. Brooches, square/round diamonte buckles also look great! ;)

(3) I wore pink shoes - because I figured, hey no one looks at my shoes anyway except the photographer, it looks great in pictures for that extra splash of colour, and I can wear them again!! ;) Gone was the idea for white :) Girls, BRING FLIP FLOPS to wear (get your bridesmaids to carry them) during the day cos the heels while they look great, kill your feet and your mood + endurance during a photoshoot.

(4) We chose to get married in a small church as opposed to the huge grand ones because I love the cosy feel, and the fact that it fills the place entirely... instead of just having your guests fill up the first 1/3 rows... which kind of makes you look like you didn't really have many people at your wedding. To me, I would feel a little sad looking back at my pictures if I saw that cos it would make me feel like I had no friends at our wedding! :p

(6) We had a day time reception - not cos of money, but because we wanted to take advantage of all the natural light there was! It meant we didn't even need a flash the whole time! Woohoo!! no flash photography - now that's MY kinda thing ;) We ended up taking our formal photos after the reception which was over by 430pm - which was just perfect because the sun was starting to set and look just magnificent at the time :) Then by 7pm, Ju and I had the whole night to ourselves. It was so cool to get changed, and just stroll around the harbour at night, and have a relaxing dinner with wine - just the two of us, in our jeans and tees :)

Alright, enough wedding mumbo jumbo from me! :) Til next time. HEAPS and HEAPS of posts to come.


tammeegoreng said...

Hi Jenny! It's Tammy here -- Your photos from the wedding were lovely, but more importantly, you look gorgeous!!! I especially love the one of you peeking out of the car window because of the lovely morning light, and the grandness of the two of you on the top steps of the opera house! Not to mention a wonderful choice of colours/theme for your invites/flowers/shoes and I absolutely love your dress and ju's tie!!!! Okay, enough of a rant from me --- Congratulations to you both on your new happiness in the next chapter of your lives!

Linda Truong said...

Hey Jenny. I absolutely loved the photos. Kudos to those of Storyphotography and Louis Pang. Great job. I loved your philosophy for your wedding, all natural and remixed! Gone are the days of being traditional for the sake of being traditional. :D

You rock, sister!

BTW... Where is that gorgeous blue wall? ;)

MelissaP said...

Hi Jenny


These are fab photos! Excellent piece of write-up - made me change my perspective on the preparation work....

nattnee said...

Hi Jenny,

You looked lovely on your wedding day. Funny you pulled out your camera on the day hehe.

Happy Birthday!

trish said...


And the gold dress you wore at the KL reception is hawt :)!

eric said...

lovely lovely photos! hopefully will get to see the WHOLE set one day ;) when May comes back yea?

char said...

yay you finally have photos up ! love them, you look gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodnesss.................
your pictures are lovely.....

they are amazing!!
i wish i took up photography and not pharmacy! wakakakakakaka


btw, congrats to you and ju kwang!!

my bro and ju kwang were high school mates. (my bro is Jon Koo). Am totally stoked that he married such an amazing artist!

ok that wasn't relevant and it was random...
aiyo...your pictures make me smile!!!


Sandra P said...


liko said...

Congrats! I love your photos, you looked stunning!
Your photos make me smile from heart~

p/s- I was smiling while looking at all the photos on your blog too :D

-yng yng