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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crazy Week Ahead

I'm sitting here in my office, nervously holding my pen and flicking through my to do list that comprises of dozens upon dozens of BIG items, and making up 6 pages... all of which must be done before this week hits its closing note.

While I normally thrive on stress and the adrenaline it brings, this week, I feel I have been visited by moments where I am tempted to cross the sane line and be ready to shout AHHHHHHHH, filling every crevice nook and cranny of my lung's capacity. Tempted is the word.

Thank goodness for post-it notes, checklists, and awesome iMixes on iTunes :) It keeps the insanity of this busy world seemingly controlled within scribbles on paper all wrapped up in the sugary goodness of well made songs, and I love that. SO, on that note, I hope that explains why this usually chatty blogger has become somewhat mute this week. And with the Signature Photographer's first event launching off this sunday, it's made the crazy even more colourful! I AM determined to finish everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that these 6 pages entail, so that I have permission from myself to live out the routine of life again.

It's been quite awhile since I've felt the jittery effects that frenzied schedules bring, but praise God, times like this come and go :) I'm looking forward to spamming my own blog with posts again!! For now, here is a photo for today. I never finished putting up all my Europe photos (believe me, there WILL be another post on that one day in the not too distant future!), so there are alot of photos that have not made the public face of the internet. Here is one of them, snapped from a hill in Toledo that we visited. Isn't Toledo just gorgeous?? I have to say, it was ALOT more interesting visually than its closest city, Madrid (though I did have fun with my credit card in Madrid!) :)

More photos of all types to come. Enjoy this for now! I was tempted to play my own version of 'wheres wally' with this photo, but I thought you'd rather be spared of such a dorky exercise! So, nevermind!

ps: no cropping in post production was involved in the above photo :) Though it does look like it huh? Laterz!

pps: I know, alot of photographers have emailed and written in with their questions and messages - I do promise I will write back soon. Apologies for the delay, but do be patient as I will reply in due time! :)


Linda Truong said...

You are such a busy woman. Keep on depending on God. He will give you what you need... Sometimes it's rest... Hope you can find the opportunity to rest =)


Love the photograph... It's sooo cool! :D I can just imagine King Kong rampaging through the houses... :P

eric said...

it's great seeing some of your 'other' photos. too bad i cudn't see more when i was over at your place the other day. maybe next time ;)

AHS Photography said...


Kelly Choo said...

Hi My name is Kelly, I love your photography very much. Do you mind to share with my which gear are you using ?

I am new in photography but I would like to purchase the camera body and lenses system either Nikon or Canon, what is your comments?

Thank you

Jenny Sun said...

Everyone: Thank you!!

Kelly: I use a canon 5D and a number of L-lenses. My fave L lenses so far though, which I use mostly at weddings are my 70-200 f2.8, and the 50 f1.2 lens. I have others, but those are the ones I pull out most at weddings. My travel photography is mainly taken with my 24-70 f2.8 lens :)

In terms of Nikon vs Canon... I don't really side with either as I believe both are good in their own rights. However, I have found that Nikon's focusing system is faster and sharper, while canon's colours and contrast are supreme given by its lenses. I have to say, thats the prime factor that sold me :) While Nikon's colours are rich, I have found them a little too punchy straight out of camera for my liking... my motto is, its always easier to add to a photo, than to take away :)

And in terms of low light capability? Well, the canon 5D is excellent, and Nikon's D3 is amazing :)

So, as I mentioned before, its just all a matter of personal preference.

Hope that helps! All the best and let me know which way you decide to go :)

Kelly Choo said...

Thanks Jenny for your reply, You are a friendly pro-photographer :)I am so happy to get your reply which is very clear description.

I like rich colour as I think I may go Nikon in this case. However D3 is expensive for me, I think D300 is my priority choice.

My wedding picture was shoot by 2 differnt brand of camera, one is Nikon D300,D200 & Canon 40D,400D Canon colour contrast is good and it is warm colour, Nikon is cold colour, This is what I had compare from my wedding picture. :) Hope you don't mind this is my little opinion.

I read the news from signature photographers said that you are having talks in KL, I missed this talk seminar as I am too late to know it. Or else maybe I can get autograph from you ^_^

Thanks again for your reply on my Questions! \(^^)/ <-- Happy

Jenny Sun said...

Hi Kelly! Yes, definitely, Canon's colours are warmer (the reds/yellows/oranges + skin tones come out beautifully) - its what I mean about the colour tone that I just love about canon.

Nikon's colours are definitely more punchy, but they are on the cool side (greens and blues).

Anyhow, no worries about this seminar! There is always next time! :) Besides, this one is targeted more towards brides and grooms, but we will be having one for photographers at some point in the future :) We'll definitely let you know on this blog if that happens!