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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jason and Ammie: Wedding

Where are the Malaysian weddings, I hear you ask?!?!

No sweat, I've been doing them too ;) But, in the trademark of a being seriously bad blogger, I've not only been blogging all my entries out of order, but I've also had lots of weddings + shoots I've not shown on this blog yet. Today, I was counting up the drafts I've made and they amount close to 30!!! Someone kick me please! :p

So before ANY of you start thinking I can't shoot in the malaysian environment, here's one of the Malaysian weddings a number of you have been asking for :) See, I am on the road to redemption in the bloggers world after all!

Sorry this entry is a little short on words, but I figured that at least you get to see some images, albeit a bit deprived of a story :p Hope you forgive me this time around. Enjoy the photos and remember to watch the slideshow for a tonne of extra photos plus don't forget to turn up the speakers when watching for maximum viewing pleasure!

Lastly, I wanted to take this moment to thank KJ, for helping shoot this wedding with me, running around and snapping all day!! And also a thank you to my own husband for sharing the shooting with me - uhuh! did you know that Ju can take some rockin' pictures too?!?! Surprise surprise ;)

Take care and til next time peeps! ;)

The below shot taken was by KJ during the prep stage.

A sneak preview into the bridal games - watch the slideshow for what happened ;)

Jason and Ammie, had a lovely outdoor ceremony. Okay, so it was at like 12pm in the peak of Malaysian heat, but it was lovely nonetheless :)

I love this shot of Ammie.

Tea ceremony formalities :)

Tonnes and tonnes of laughs were exchanged and shared during this time.

The reception venue, held at Sheraton Hotel Subang Jaya.

Don't believe my husband Ju can take awesome shots? Check out this one below and another one further along if you scroll down more!

This has got to be one of the biggest cake towers I've ever seen. Kudos to the Sheraton Subang Jaya team for making it elegant and classy despite the enormous size! :)

And the cute little mini cakes the bride and groom had to feed each other.

Woot! There goes champagne popping and all the foam with it! Taken by Ju :)

And the wrenching hearfelt yum sengs that night! haha. Can you feel the emotion?!

Fitting way to end the formalities of the night :)


Linda Truong said...

WOOOO! Am loving the photos. You rock Jenny...I'm so feeling the emotion! :D Great work, girl!

Alex said...

Every little details well capture in your lens, great job.

Joanna said...

the cake tower is a nice idea :)great shot of the bubbles floating around! how did you do that?

trish said...

Hello! Details and candid emotion are absolutely hot. these just keep getting better :)

youna said...

heeey this wedding was quite pretty and "royal"? modern feel there too.. :)
the flowers are pretty..
and also the reception ones make them look moviestar hehe
Oh the ceremony too!

Jenny Sun said...

awww, thanks so much everyone! You're all too nice!

Joanna - the bubbles shot was taken by Ju :) Using the 70-200mm lens zoomed all the way to 200mm, set at f2.8, shutter speed 1/100. ISO1600 (LOVE the ISO performance on the 5D) :)

thisiskj said...

oh me gracious.. the so called 'assistant' that nite was ur hubby? oopz.. didn't really have proper intro wit him also.. oh check out the photo in Star Weekender on last Saturday if u ever keep papers.. my photo of the street luge rider featured on the cover page.. came out 3 times in different papers.. hahaha =P