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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Win a free Shootsac Competition: Jenny Sun Photography

I am nothing without all of you.

Cheesy? Yes. True, even more so.

Really and truly, you who read my blog, leave me comments, send me the loveliest emails, rock it out in front of my camera, MAKE Jenny Sun Photography what it is today. Seriously, you guys are the best fans in the world. When I launched the Jenny Sun Photography facebook fanpage, I literally had a panic attack and my fingers and heart froze in fear...because what if I only had like 2 or 3 fans? And they were my husband, and my parents?!?! That would be SOOOO sad! :P But fast forward a few weeks, and it has grown to almost 3000 fans. I nearly fainted when I saw that! I mean me? really? You guys have more faith in me than I have in myself....and for that, I am forever grateful. I don't take a single thing for granted because I have grown up seeing and experiencing the fact that things can disappear in the blink of an eye... so I appreciate ALL of you. To those that ask, I really do read every single email, every single message on the blog, every single 'like/comment' on the facebook page...and I appreciate each one so much more than you know and could ever express here on this blog. So please don't ever stop sending, brightens my day and puts a smile on my face - and trust me, there are days when I need that :D

As a HUGE HUGE thank you to you fans, this post is for you....

If you have been staying in touch with me via my Facebook Fanpage, you will know that I left Vegas with some goodies to giveaway as my way of saying THANK YOU for making JSP what it is today. The big surprise giveaway will be launched later this year when I unveil something really crazy special, but as a thank you for being my followers on TWITTER, or on FACEBOOK, and being the coolest JSP cheerleaders EVER, I'm giving away a free shootsac to one lucky JSP fan :)

To those that don't know what a shootsac bag is, its literally the coolest lens changing bag!! I use it at every one of my shoots and it has six compartments to slip in your lenses (even lenses as big as the 70-200mm f2.8 lens!!), and it slings comfortably over your shoulders so that you can pick and change your lenses in the blink of an eye! The best part is, it DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A CAMERA BAG! It looks like a trendy slingover bag, that not only looks cool, but is inconspicuous so that it doesn't draw the attention of crowds, people and security - PERFECT right? :) You can find out more about the bag HERE.

Now to be in the running to win this bag, you will need to do step (1) AND step (2). Bonus points if you do ALL 3 below!!:

(1) Be a fan of JSP on facebook (already a fan? perfect! If not, join here).

(2) Leave a comment in this blog post saying why you love the shootsac, and why you are a fan of JSP. Bonus points for originality and sincerity! OR those that want to be super creative with their entry, and want to submit your entry as a video or photo, email me at with the subject title "JSP SHOOTSAC GIVEAWAY".

(3) This step is OPTIONAL only :) To earn bonus points, Tweet about this giveaway on twitter and just tweet the following:

I am a @jennysunphoto fan! and I want to win a free #shootsac ! Details here: RT to join in!

Don't forget to leave a VALID link or someway where I can contact you if you are the winner! To those who have commented/entered already, PLEASE remember to leave a valid link or email or something where I can contact you if you are the winner! It would be so sad if you had a kick-ass awesome entry and I couldn't award you because I can't contact you! :D thanksssss! :D

Good luck!! Do join in! I'd be soooooo sad if only 2 people participated :P
Winner will be announced when I get back from this crazy travelling early next month on April 4th (give or take a few days depending on jetlag)! :D

Happy mid week everyone!! :D
The pictures posts with travel photos and shoots are resuming soon!! As well as that post about the live FAQ friday session we are having next week!



Erica said...

I never think to look for people of facebook so I'm glad that you mentioned you are on there. No way you'd only have 2 or 3 fans! I found your blog through Jasmine Star's blog. I love to read the blogs of inspiring photographers and even more so when they are Aussie too! Your work is amazing, if only I weren't already married!

The shootsac looks awesome. I so need something like that. Right now I only ever take one lens because I don't have a decent way of carrying them.


Rui Di said...


your every blogpost is heart thumping to me! every shots from you are just so lovely and fabulous! the way you present your story, the way you capture the already far beyond managing those buttons on the machine....There are so much to learn from you, and i am so waiting for the comming up FAQ session next friday!!!

Oh yeah about the shootsac...honestly i have not seen one before (in real) but i believe it will be a perfect gift for my wife as a reward for her never ending support to for me...

James said...

Hi Jenny,

I love that you are giving back to your readers/fans :)

I don't need the shootsac (Although it looks insanely awesome) so good luck to those who have entered.

Just wanted to say Love your work!

Photography is a hobby for me and your photos are an inspiration :)

herhau said...

No doubt, this is a good interactive with your fans. The reason i see you are different from others photographers is the unique personality that u carved in each photos that u take. I see the sun. I see the lights. I loves the way u play around with it. I love you capture every prevcious natural moments even the background is just a PAGAR. this is what i like about Jenny-Sun. :)

Jenny Sun said...

To those who have commented/entered already, PLEASE remember to leave a valid link or email or something where I can contact you if you are the winner! It would be so sad if you had a kick-ass awesome entry and I couldn't award you because I can't contact you! :D thanksssss! :D

Saw Kang Jong said...

I'll be your fan without even been asked. Love the way you control "SUN" lights. Can see that its has been your signature shot :)

i'm here to support not as contestant :)

KC said...

Yo Jenny!

Been a fan ever since finding out about you from a friend, your photos are simply...amazing!

Always loved the angles, intriguing compositions, beautiful yet simple post-production, and how you bring out the character in people through your photos. I personally find it really refreshing to see how simple things can be cool!

Really appreciate the time you spent on blogging your photos, really like the sincerity in your descriptions too, it's always nice to hear down to earth thoughts on such amazing photos :D

Happy to hear you're doing well with your facebook fan page (facebook rules!), but please do give yourself some credit, did you know your photos brightens our days too? (at least it works for me)

As for the Shootsac, it looks plain neat, having one would be simply awesome. Everyone's gotta love camera bags that don't look like camera bags (Crumpler!)

Anyway, love your stuff, keep up the good work! Your photos never cease to impress :)

PS: It's abit crappy to admit, but having been a lurker of your photo blog for months, this is my first comment! Greedy me :P

My email:

Gillian Ottaway said...

I would love to win the shootsac! My favourite thing about them is how customizable they are. Each photographer that uses one can make it completely there own :)

as for why I love you! Well, you are unique and bubbly and just seem like a generally good person! You seem honest and true to yourself, which is refreshing! It seems like it would be a blast to work with you!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

Be a fan @ jsp's fb fanpage...check
Twit for the shootsac...check
Comment on JSP's blog..... i'm totally, totally in love with all of your images, why...coz you've showed us YOU in your images. your images were captured with much affection and love....and it showed in every one of em.

now, why do i want the shootsac......coz not one photographer in my hometown owns one, so give it to me and i can be the talk of the town and be a big showoff....lolz.

cheers and God bless jenny :)

Franklin said...

Hello Jenny,

I has been your fan since the first time I saw your photo. I am not saying this just to win the shootsac, but you are really an inspiration.

I started on photography since last year but my photos are just.....mediocre. I believe it is because my photos are lack of "story" within it. I focused too much on post processing but not on the meaning of a photo. I really don't know how to phrase this but your photos reminded me why I got into photography... like, what a photograph suppose to mean rather than just being immersed with the technical issues and effect.

Your photos just made me want to go out and shoot everyday! aww.. this is not a good time to tell you this, now it sounds too cliché and fake.. but it is true!

I saw you once before and I regretted I did not tell you how awesome your photos are! I really do :(

anyways, keep up the good work JSP! all the best in your future comings :)

dorelies said...

Hi Jenny,
I found "you" just by chance as beein a fan of Jasmin Star (well I think like many of us). And I started my photographer carrer last year and also my facebook a few weeks ago. You are inspiring me, love to read your storys and to look at your pictures.
The shootsac is great and really the best to change the lenses. As I already have one - wish the best for the winner.
Jenny you are great - best wishes from Austria (next week I'm travelling with my family to NY !!!!!!!! - remember your lovely impressions and the e-shooting.)

Valen said...

Jenny, i don't need a shootsac too. :) Just wanna show some support to you here! :D

Thank you JSP, thanks for making our life more meaningful through the beautiful art work under your lens. It is AWESOME!!! Each of the pictures has its own story to tell, sometimes i would just stare at them for a few seconds, or minutes! Cos i am so inspired! :D

You have gone too far Jenny, knowing you as JSP or in person has made one of the best thing in Kevin and my life..:) Truly appreciate your effort towards such awesome work, and i am really impressed by your humble and friendly personality! Even till now! Keep it up!!! we are always big fans of JSP!!! :D

Amanda said...

I'm a great fan of your blog & facebook fan site (check for updates religiously!) I love how your photos catch the emotional moment in time - it's almost as thought we've connected to your client just from a picture... the smiles/reactions and just how natural it all is. The bold colours & just the "fun-ness" of the shoots are inspiring (I'm hoping my little photography "hobby" grows in the future)!

The shootsac looks like an awesome camera bag. It's quite disappointing that there isn't much available in terms of trendy camera bags that look good in all situations and i think this is just the thing! I've been constantly searching for a nice camera bag for women that has enough space for everyday things, decent space for camera gear & looks good casually or more dressy (have taken lowepro camera backpack to too many nice dinners).

Glad to hear you had such a great response to the fb page (was there ever any doubt....?)

cfsam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cfsam said...

Hi Jenny,

I never knew how a shootsac functions / how it looks like until I read this entry. It WOW-ed me so much because photographers are not well known for being stylish ( as we are usually hiding behind the camera) but having products from shootsac may just turn the world upside down!

I would love a shootsac because......carrying more than 1 lens for a shoot can be a torture sometimes, especially when it's an all-day-long shoot. It would be awesome to be able to shoot comfortably without worrying about my shoulder pain and it would certainly speed up my lens changing rate! Being efficient in lens changing simply means I will not have to miss out on any precious moments again.

I love reading your blog posts and browsing through your pictures. Thanks for being such an inspiration to all photographers, and non-photographers =)

Bethany said...

great contest for sure.
i just found out about you via jasmine star's blog and i immediatly added you to my google reader. i have been enjoying ever since.

the reason i have been reading every photography blog that i can get my hands on, including yours, is because i am pursuing a dream to become a wedding photographer. i didnt go to art school but i get it. i know when to take the photo. i know when i see the moment. i know love. i look to you for inspiration and you give it to me.

my husband and i just finished kayaking from Canada to Key West ( That was his lifelong dream. Now its my turn.

all the materials needed for being a photographer are... expensive!!
i have slowly been acquiring them since we finished our trip, and the photographer i am interning under suggested the shootsac and i thank its WILDLY overpriced but pretty much worth biting the bullet. how easy it is to use!!!! its cute. its perfect.

i really hope i win!!!! (i twittered about you too @bethanyspeaks)

Grace C. said...

I've always wanted to be someone like you..full with confidence and smart!If i do win this shootsac, it will be something that i can carry with to boost up my confidence knowing that you have passed on your confidence to me through this gift.

Wiki Lee said...

Hellooooo Jen,

I deserve to have shootsac because I've never given Ilona (aka my wife) anything since she started her photography career. Everytime I asked her what she wanted, she always replied "don't buy don't buy lar... saving money" *lol*

I am your fans because I envy you.. hahahha seriously, I've seen how much you've grown into who you are now. Your talent is something that a lot of people get jealous about. But you never take it for granted, you are generous and down to earth. For that, I am grateful to know you as a friend.

BiLLyLim said...

Very classy bag for lens, no body will notice it as lens bag. Got to have one even did not win it. But if I do got this bag from you and with your autograph on it would really be one of my collection items.
By the way thanks for sharing your wonderful work in this blog, you really inspired others to become a photographer.

hmk said...

I'm a fan on facebook~

I love the shootsac because it's so chic and cool. And comfortable! I've been eyeing a shootsac for a while but didn't really know how comfy it was until a couple of weeks ago. My fellow photog friend had one and I was able to carry it around for her one day and loved it. It just fit to my body and was so comfortable. Easy to access. Plus it's chic and cool~

Why am I a fan of JSP? Well, I found you over at J* and started reading your blog. Your photos are amazing but your heart & love is more amazing. Each of your blog post is inspiring to me (photography wise & spiritually).

Judith Hunt said...

love love shootsac it is just stylish and so trendy. I am a fan of JSP because you rock, love your style in photography and writing.

Sandy said...

Hi Jenny,

I am a fan of yours on Facebook!

Right now, all I use is a video camera bag as a camera and lens bag and it's definitely not optimal! I am planning on getting another lens really soon and would LOVE this shootsac bag to fit it all in! I've never seen one in person, but looking at the website, it looks soo stylish, cute, and functional!!!

I love your photos b/c everything you shoot is super artistic and sophisticated! I love how you show pictures from your personal life, like travel, in your blog so we can see a different side of you! Keep up the GREAT work!!!


Nicole Chin said...

Hi Jenny!

The shootsac is an absolute love because it's a perfect bag to carry anyone's babies(lenses) just like having a harrods baby bag/ lv never full/ cath kidston bag. It keep the babies safe and looks fashionable at the same time, yay! :D I've always been dreaming and saving up for one.

I'm a fan of JSP because through the photos I see simplicity, passion and precious moments of love captured and a story is told beautifully without even needing much words. JSP is also an inspiration and has been bookmarked and checked daily for updates! JSP is one of a kind and a blessing to all, just like Jenny!


AnnNicole said...


You are good. Don't you ever ever underestimate yourself. Of cause you know how good you are and they are shown. Those annonymous like me are bonus points.

I never saw a shootsac at all. I got friends whom had DSL camera and which I love to own one but Im still short of support. So, I'll get one when I can and a shootsac will be such a great combination to it.

I just want you to know you are the first wedding photographer I ever remember name and URL. I even remember your style especially those rings each and every new shoot.

I just want you to know JSP keeps me coming back time after time. :D

Do not stop what you are doing. It's ok to rest a while but don't stop k?

Take good care.

Annie YF Yap

Andrea K Photo said...

Hi Jenny!
I love that your photography style incorporates glimpses of who you are. It's beautiful to see you draw out your clients' personalities and perfectly meld that with who you are as an artist. You're an inspiration to me!

As far as the Shootsac goes, all I can say is that I am currently using a hiking bag for my camera bag. It would be a WONDERFUL upgrade to get the Shootsac ;)

katie zaboy said...

Hi! So excited for a chance to win a shoot sac! Why I am a fan of the shoot sac... I am that girl who feels naked without her lenses at her side, extra cards, batteries, etc are always missed when not at my fingertips! Therefore I AM that girl who has a camera bag slung across her shoulder at all times... at weddings, portrait shoots, chasing my nephew (i'm his personal paparazzi!) Now you know being incognito (aka not bumping into people with your ginormous bag, not jingling as you walk, etc) is the key to being a stealth photographer haha... I have been eyeing shoot sac for quite some time now. I put my photo earnings back into my business and have yet to justify buying a shoot sac(marketing pieces, professional equipment are all needs at this stage! a shoot sac would be a want, not a need at this point). Soooo to win one would just be super awesome!! As to why I am a fan of JSP... you are a girl after my own heart, the light you seek and compose your images with completes me (hee hee) seriously you capture the light, the emotions and the moments beautifully. You continually inspire me! Thank you for the chance to win a shoot sac! xoxo

Lisa said...

Hi Jenny,
I love your blog and your photography is AMAZING! I've been wanting a Shootsac forever but have always had to buy other things first. So I'd be so very happy if I won one!

Grace C. said...

Grace C. (Comment posted on March 17, 2010 10:34 PM). Here's my contact detail:

Rebecca said...

I'm so excited for you and your growing business! It's crazy that from Feb 11 your facebook page has taken off this much. Not to mention how many blog flowers that aren't on FB that can't wait for your new posts. I love following your blog & enjoy all photos, especially portraits! I think your work stands out because you have a variety of looks. Some blogs seem to take the exact same pose & coloring for all their portraits, but with your blog it can be guaranteed that each photo will be unique. Speaking of different looks, I checked out Shootsac's covers, they have tons! I'm just starting out & would only have 2 lens to slide down in those pockets of the bag, but my dream is to eventually fill it up with another. I wish you the best and hope traveling brings lots of inspiration for you, can't wait to see the pictures & posts!

Brittney said...

Great job on 3000 fans! what an accomplishment and very exciting :)

I LOVE the Shootsac... I actually just ordered one of my very own and it should be in TOMORROW! woo hoo! can't wait to get that baby in my hands. Although, I would love to win one, because, really, a girl can't have too many :)

I also tweeted here :)

Pam Linfitt Photograpy said...

I became your fan on facebook because I seen the link on a friend's page and I took a glimpse of your work and you are truly amazing!! Your photos inspire me! You certainly are in the right profession.

I really need the shoot sac, because I need all the help I can get to get organized. I always struggle with organization!! LOL

triShie said...

Hi Jenny!
Firstly, why am i a JSP fan? well, frankly, it's cos you're a kick-ass ASIAN FEMALE photographer. me being an asian (and female), it is VERY encouraging and inspiring to see how God is doing wonders with your talent. i guess here in Msia, it's still very much a male dominated industry. and i love how you love God first and foremost. i think, that's the essence of your business and life!

Secondly, i think the Shootsac is a dream! such a briliant creation! i'm not a pro photog, nor do i own as many lenses, but, i still feel the shootsac is an excellent start and motivator. ALSO, it's so beautiful! i hate those conventional camera bags, thus, i usually use my own bags which aren't padded (i pad them with a small towel/shirt) lol!

furthermore, winning a free shootsac would help SO much in terms of finance.

Lastly, thanks for this wonderful opportunity and may God continue to bless your life and business! =)

PhylloCs LitHium said...

Hi Jenny,

Seeing you in action speaking about how you gotten into photography @shootfest 001 was the first time I know about JennySun. You were so real. The photos are definitely lovely but most importantly it was such humbleness and sincerity that truly inspires me. =)

I want the shootsac! Why? Because it is currenly out of stock in their website! It's not easy to find lens bags/pouches that put fashion and usability together... and I think girls like looking good when they carry their lenses rather than looking bulky! =)

my email:

Erin said...

Your pictures truly inspire me. I absolutely love all the natural emotion you seemlessly capture in each photo. It's like reading people's minds through pictures. Just love your style, technique, compisition...yep, you're pretty much awesome!!!

I think it's awesome to give back. I love that you are giving away the Shootsac! What a PERFECT invention! I love the different styles, versatility and comfort the Shootsac provides. So super cool. Would I love to win one? Um. yes. For sure. Will I still totally love your blog and pics if I don't win? Um...OF COURSE!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed!! :)

molly said...

where do I start? You are amazing...the way you capture the sun inadvertantly or obviously in each photo make me feel warmed by it when I am looking at them from freezing Ohio- {ok, it is warmer now, but it kept me warm this winter :) } I see your gentle personality in your photos- and your kindness flies from your images! Your art flows from your soul, it is so easy to see...
I would love to meet you sometime! I started my business in 2007, and have been carefully grwing it since-- because of the economy as it is, I haven't gotten a business loan, just growing as I earn... a nearly impossible thing to do when you are as impatient as I am :) I have been using a rather beat up secondhand camera bag to haul around my gear, and have been eying the shootsac... would be awesome to win- but there are lots of deserving photogs... Anyways, cannot wait to see your next beautiful shoot.. God Bless! Have an amazing day!

Melanie said...

Love your work, it is very clean, fresh and evokes emotion.

I have been looking at the shootsacs for a while now, love the idea of having the lenses you need right there.

Bunn Salarzon | Photographer said...

I really do like my Shootsac. I wouldn't mind having a cushion for when the bag is loaded with lenses and other stuff which can cut my collar bone at times. But, I praise it more when my second shooter has no Shootsac. He's constantly running to the camera bag across the room to change lens or battery. All I do is reach into my Shootsac for my needs, even for lip balm or cell phone. Ooh, I forgot there's M&M's in the middle pocket from the last wedding! SCORE! ;) (I'd like to win a Shootsac for him!)

Laura said...

Hi Jenny,
I don't subscribe to a large number of photography blogs because I just don't have time to keep up with them all. I follow a select few to keep up with those whose work I admire. When I saw yours I added it - your work is beautiful and inspiring.

I have been wanting a shootsac but am in the midst of a business transition and am a little lean on resources. I SO want to get rid of the belt thingy I bought four years ago because it's SO bulky (even though it was "the" lens accessory back then!) I feel sorta dorky when I wear it, but I've gotta have a way to switch lenses quickly!

Happy travels - I've loved your photo diary.

Danny Foo said...

I love your work because not only have you defined your style of shooting - which many love and adore, you've also created a brand and self-value to yourself. Combining moments of love, sadness, inspiration and even, mother nature.

I know not of many photographers who truly still sustains the beauty in a photo - originality. From its essence of the subject, to the emotions and composure which naturally communicates in your photos.

This is what I love about your work. It's my inspiration and aim to not only become good, but to create simply beautiful photos.

The shootsac would be a very ideal tool for me. Especially having to maneuver around people without disrupting the emotions looming at the time. It would be perfect.

pachelbel said...

Hi Jenny! Tania Chin here, you know we love your photography, which is why we're returning for seconds! Anyhow I must tell you - 3 weeks ago Ken was given a canon SLR camera from my dad to keep and take pictures of our new baby. He absolutely loves it but doesn't carry it in a proper bag - and doesn't want to buy one yet because he's looking for a "less conventional camera bag"... I asked him back then what he meant by 'less conventional' and he said he wanted a bag "like Jenny Sun's". Now... I'M the one who is supposed to notice bags and things like that so I am absolutely flummoxed that he noticed your bag even when he didn't have a camera and that I had no idea what he was talking about until I read your latest blog! Anyhow I'll have to tell him that it's a shootsac and we'll save up to get him one ONCE he upskills enough to use multiple lenses - unless you want to make his day and give one away! ;)

Asther said...

Hehehe... initially I wanted to join BUT since I already have my own Shootsac in Jan, I guess I better let the others try to win this one. ;) I'd like a spanking new design cover tho. :P Tee hee hee... *hint*

Kris Hinh said...

I will give this a try. I started my photographey in Sept. 2009. I couldn't afford a SLR camera, but a family friend member heard that I have a great eye, and lend me his 1st every SRL camera Canon had made back in the days. A Canon 300D (6MP).

I learned everything about the camera within a month of continues shooting, making more mistakes that eventually thought me what setting were best to used in certain conditions. I have not bought any additions towards my camera, but shoot with what I have. Canon 300D w/ 18-55 kit lens & 28-135mm that was given to me.

People have seen my work, and are surprise the gear that I am shooting with. I have spent hours venturing by myself outdoors and just shoot so that I can push my gear to its limit. I spent a small amount of time editing my pictures as I want it to look as natural as possible.

I basically just wear my camera with me. It does get bump around, but that is why I have black tape on it, to protect it from further wear.

I have seen the shootsac on a couple of my friends, I like how you can just open it up and switch lens, and it doesn't make you look like a photographer walking around with expensive gear. I wanted one, but when I found out from my friends how much it cost, I knew I cannot afford one. So I will just continue wearing my gear on my shoulders.

I hope to one day, to be like you who has made it out there in photography and success. I too would return the favor the those who had followed me to give something back. I too will be there thanks to my friends, and my fans.

Kris Hinh said...

Why am I a fan of JSP?

The creativity that you bring into your work and the results are seen from the beautiful images that you have share with so many people out there on facebook and on your blog.

I can see that your subjects are relax and enjoy their time with you during the shoot. You take your time to know you subjects and capture the moments that count, making their story come to life.

As a photographer myself, we both are looking ways to bring our subject to life in our images. To capture things that only we see and vision as we shoot.

I am happy that you are the photographer to so many clients. Not only they will receive images, but they will receive moments in life that was capture by one of the best photographer out there.

Keep it up, and may there be even more success in the near future.

Pamelyn Tan-Corsi said...

All the wonderful comments you received just show how we appreciate your work. It is not just work but it is your passion, your love and your sweet nature and your ability to connect with your clients and make them your friends make you incredible Jenny.

I have been your greatest fan since I goggled you for my wedding. Every time I read your blog, it never failed to touch my heart in so many ways and evoke different emotions for all the beautiful moments you captured.

JSP is a place of love and hope because marriages are still beautiful and romantic despite the many challenges of modern day relationships.

You shine forth like a star. Thank you for all the lovely photos and stories.

Jenny Sun said...

@Pamelyn: I could write a million words in response to that, and all of them combined couldn't express just how much that meant to me. You have no idea how much I really needed to hear that today. Thank you SO SO much. From the bottom of my heart. You have the most beautiful spirit!! xx :) Jenny

Amber said...

JSP- you are amazing! You capture great memories in such a special way.

It would be great to have a Shootsac. I need a cute bag to carry my equipment in!

Dan Au said...

Poem: If I could win a Shootsac

Oh if I could win a shootsac, how happy I would be;
Though it's a little girly, It'll help with my photography!
And even when I'm not about, using it on shoots,
I could wear it while walking in the park, with matching leather boots.

For then I'd be like Jenny Sun, half crazy and half cool;
She shoots directly in the sun, with pictures that make you drool;
With her own blog and fanpage, she has no low self-esteem,
And to complete the perfect picture, she has her lucky husband on her team!

Although I've never met her, her brother's my awesome friend,
With hair length like her sister, he admires her to the end;
Best of all she loves the God who's handiwork is in her arts,
And therefore gives Him credit, while warming up our hearts.

So whether or not I win this comp, I don't think I really mind;
More important is to commend this girl who's creative, caring, kind.
For if you're ever stuck on a word which means great photography,
I know no better way to spell it but with J and S and P.

Agnes Sim said...

wow..i would join this giveaway! I've followed your facebook.

I like the awesome shooting of JSP. Your shots are cheer me up and make me hav a happy day. ;-)

I wish i'm the lucky person for this giveaway. ^_^

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

It's almost midnight, so I'm not feeling too creative. Guess it will have to be this:

Just sittin'
Envisioning a
New precious hanging around my
Yours truly sporting a

Unfailingly justifying a
New business.

Roving around town,
Obtaining images by
Crawling. But my Shootsac's
Keeping my lenses
Safe. said...

I would like to participate in this competition not for myself but for my buddy. She is, in many ways my mentor, big sister and most importantly an AWESOME friend. Between both of us, she is the fashionable one. Having said that, she completely adores the shootsac bag (we are a fan of Jessica Claire too), and when I saw your competition I thought – “Hey, this would be a perfect surprise IF I win”.

Obviously I am big fan of your work. Being a “young” shooter myself … your site feeds me with endless inspiration and has served as a frequent discussion topic with my shooter buddy e.g. “Hey, how to create that effect that Jenny Sun did …”.

p/s: I am not sure how you can validate this with over 3k fans and 1k twitter followers but I am already there ^_^

annette wong said...

Hi Jenny.

As I was clearing some of my email inbox folders the other day, I saw 2 of your email replies dated Aug 2008, so there I found myself reading it again. Well, Jenny, I still remember writing to you asking for your advise on lenses, but little did I expect that you would write back so promptly and geneously sharing your thoughts. It was such a lovely reply with lots of personal touch, and that for a moment I thought u r someone whom I've known for a while... Jenny, I just wanna tell you, you are successful because you have a heart to touch people's lives in your own special way. Because of this, you always have the ability to craft one-of-a-kind journal for those who have trusted in you. Keep believing because I do believe in you. I've embarked on my freelance photography journey for more than a year now, it has been amazing and loving it everyday, I still can't believe that I'm actually doing what I love!!! Praise God!! I read about ShootSac and have always wanted to get one for myself, but as i just started out my business now and there's a list of equipment I need to invest on, so the plan of getting a shootsac always eludes me. However, Shootsac or not I still think that JSP rocks!!

Leah Kua said...

Why I love you - your images are full of passion, love, beauty and drive, yet you seem so down to earth. That truly inspires me.

Why I love shootsac - I must admit, I love it because I already use it and am a little over obsessed with interchangeable covers. I would like to win to support a friend of mine who adores photography, but does not have much to bring her dream into reality. Any way I can support her to go for her dreams in spite of her circumstances and I will do it. I'll even give her one of my pretty covers to go with it :)

teresalings said...

The shoot sac is a genius invention by Jessica Claire! It has the photographer's movements in mind which makes the Shoot Sac a favorite for most Wedding photographers, who have to always move around! The stylish designs allows the photographer to fashionable at all times. The 2nd most important thing in the photographers career. ;)

JSP on the other hand is the most talented photography story teller that I know of. I was so disappointed to know that I am not moving to Sydney that I won't be able to get JSP to take my pre-wedding shots! :( The colours and the compositions of her photos makes me fall in love with the very beauty of it. You're my age, but you are already making do with your talents as God has intended you to!

Keep up the good work JSP! I do hope I will be able to get some "Just Because" shots by you of me and my future hubs one day.

God bless!

Hui Ling

Liam said...

Hi Jenny!

Step (1) *check*
Step (2)
I carry my camera and lenses everywhere! To school, to my band rehearsals, to meet my friends...everywhere! However, they are usually wrapped in my jacket and stuffed into my backpack. So...yeah! I would really love to have the shootsac! =D

Well, I always come back to your blog for ideas and inspiration. I love how you capture the emotions, the happiness, even the lens flare in some of the pictures are so...nice! =D

So...pick me! I want to win the shootsac! I want to win a shootsac from JSP! =))

Kathryn said...

I love the look of the Shootsac because it looks a lot more streamlined than the bulky nappy bag I'm currently using!
I found you via Jasmine Star and am a fan of your photography. So natural and inspiring. Would love one day to take photos half as good as yours and I'd be happy.

Chrissy LoRicco said...

(1) Be a fan of JSP on facebook - done.

(2) Leave a comment in this blog post saying why you love the shootsac, and why you are a fan of JSP. - doing now:

Im new to shooting the things & people i love, i usually get the shots i want, because i chase them till they have been captured, however i love the shootsac but have not been able to get my body to hug one close, postage to australia is crazy and quite frankly being a student and buying equiptment i just dont have the money to buy one as ive fallen in love with too many covers and wouldnt be able to decide.

Im not going to rave on about being a huge fan of JSP and sucking up etc to win, it just doesnt sit well with me, i think its enough said that i am here and im on your site again looking at the captured love and getting inspiration.

Goodluck with your competition and thanks for being so generous with the offering of the prize, your definately going to make someone very happy, keep up the good work and keep smiling.

Chrissy LoRicco,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
I am one of the 3000+ fans on your Facebook Fan Page.
Why I would love to win the Shootsac: You're photos are just so dreamy and I love every single one of them. You inspire me to try and get out and shoot more and often.
However, being a mum of two little ones, I feel very uninspired to lug around my diaper bag, handbag and camera bag. It is very annoying indeed. The Shootsac looks like it could serve as all three rolled into one. I'm not striving to be Super Mum but at least I'll look Super Stylish with the Shootsac.

Keep up the great work Jenny and good luck with your crazy plans for the future! =)

fiz-said said...

i love all your photos and the stories that they tell. sometimes i could almost feel the love that your subjects have for each other, just by looking at the photos. i have your page bookmarked in my office pc, personal laptop at home and my blackberry- period.

i have tried various sling bags and backpacks, but yet to find the one that satisfies me. they provide the security to my camera and lenses, but yet too bulky/big/hard for my daily walkabout. plus the uninvited attention when i do not need to.

if i get the shootsac, i will be more than happy to let go of my lowepro to another person who needs it the most. and may that person let go of his camera bag to another person who needs it most.

i've been eying the shootsac ever since i saw it at JC. too bad it's not available in KL and the website is out of stock. and you have one ;)

Dan said...

I'm a fan on your facebook and your Twitter! :)

I absolutely love your photos. There are a lot of wedding photographers out there but I've been so consistently impressed by your composition and post-processing. But more importantly, I love how your photos capture the joy and love between couples! I hope one day I can have you take photos for my wedding and/or engagement (unless you become the next Cliff Mautner and be super expensive. Then I’d be kind of sad at probably not being able to afford you but I’d be super thrilled at your success) :)

As for the shootsac, that is REALLY cool! If I won it, though, I'd give it away as a gift to my college photography professor. She was the one who really developed and nurtured my love for this art. I learned to express myself in a whole new way and came to love and appreciate photography. I'd probably never have even heard of JSP if not for her as I'd have no reason to look at photographs online! And I met my girlfriend through our shared love for photography too!

Though I've been out of college for some time, i still keep in touch with her via email and occasionally visit her class. I sometimes show her my latest photographic endeavors via email too. If I got the bag, I'd give it to her (she'd get more mileage out of it than me) as a small thank you to how she's really impacted my life. I'll send you a photo of her and the bag too if i get it (if she is fine with that…I don’t see why not)!

dan: danahn17 [at] gmail [dot] com

Dee said...

Hi Jenny,

If this is not a competition I bet you still have tons of people posting a comments, that shows how great you are as a photographer and as a person. We all love you :)

Anyway this Shootsac is something new to me and after browsing through their website I realize how easy and convenient it is to carry your gears in a sling bag. I'm a big fan of backpack but I noticed one problem I have, which is I can't change lens as fast as sling/ shoulder bag. Wow...this bag I hope to be a great addition to my photography gear and the last thing you want to think apart from creativity while shooting is how you can change your lens and this bag solve that issue.

Ok, now let talk about you Jenny... :). As I mentioned earlier, even if this is not a contest you still going to get lots of comments. You such an amazing photographer, your photos are full of inspiration with fresh ideas. But seriously, there are lots of great photographers out there. Only a few thin lines separate you from them. To me, you such an amazing person. When you explain about your photos, you don't explain about aperture, lens, camera, etc... you telling us stories about your photos, about the couple you shoot, about life, about love which is something not lots of photographers can relate to their work. You make us love photography as an art and put aside out insecurity about how cheap or expensive our gear. And I still remember how you personally reply to my FaceBook message which other photographers will just ignore it, that is something meaningful to me. Thanks Jenny for bringing life to photography :)


p/s: Anyway, I tweet this already for others to grab this opportunity at

Mark said...

Hi Jenny!!! thanks for organising such a wonderful contest:)))

everyone wants a shootsac,
cos it's such a handy little bag,
it won't make u a better photographer,
but it'll definitely make ur life easier!:P

and why I'm a fan of JSP? gosh, ur pics are so awesome and thoroughly inspiring Jenny!!!


Jaukios Svajonės said...

Why i am Your fan? Course You do amazing job,Your photos are always full of energy, new ideas and warmness. And the colours, they are always shining, just like the couples from the photos, they are always smiling and you can see that they feel free and relaxed by You:)And.. the last thing, you did not forgot film;)
And why i want this bag? Firstly, it looks so great, useful, well designed, and secondly, this summer will be my first season of shooting weddings and i still don't have a bag where i could comfortably keep my lenses and camera...

ericltkong said...

Hey there Jenny! just want to say, the shootsac looks cool and flexible in a way that i myself never come across one until you mentioned it as part of a giveaway and i'm sure it'll ease alot for photographers who only has 1 body and a few lens that need to swap them, with less hassle.

i am one of your fans mainly due to both your personality and photos that was taken by you. from your sharing, you tend to give the impression to us that photos need not be all about getting the technical side correct but most important of all, capturing the moment and having fun at the same time! your photos inspires me that each of them tells a story w/o the need of too much technicality involve.

julie said...

I am your fan! :)
I have never seen a shootsac before. I love it's minimal design and it's easy use! Would love to have one!!!

sarah crisp said...

ever since i found you blog i have decided i want to be jenny sun when i grow up :) you inspire me to step out of the box and do more manual photography. i love your work and i wish i could go to your seminars but i have little babies that need me so that will have to wait and for now this shootsac will have to do :)

c&p said...

jadore!!!! answer to my prayers!! as an aspiring female photographer, I have had my share of frustrations trying to figure out how to carry my camera and lug around lenses without being crazy conspicuous [using big and bulky bags] and appearing like I'm going to fall over at a given minute [I'm short and that 70-200 is a monster!].

but the shootsac answers all theses issues in 5 aspects:

J-jetset-enabled: as in, it allows for quick movement to capture all those essential moments.

E-ergonomic: shapes to my body to aid in movement AND balance [bulkiness = imbalance, no good with expensive equipment!].

N-nifty: with all its compartments and easy/quick access to lenses when it's time for a change!

N-neat: no more rummaging around looking for extra batteries and memory cards! YES!!

Y-yummy: changeable covers!! This speaks to the part of me that desires to express myself fully always!

[see what i did there? ;)]

I adore you, Jenny Sun, for your creativity, talent and ability to capture the essence of the people you shoot, it's simply amazing!

I ALSO am wowed by your willingness to share so much of your passion with us, like all the filmwork you do in addition to your sessions [i'm falling in looove with film more and more!]. And that FAQ you did recently? Unbelievably helpful!! And more than anything, I think it showed your desire to help others achieve the level of love and expression you have obtained through photography. I think THAT is something that truly sets you apart from the vast number of photographers out there.

So in short: Jenny Sun = amazing!

Angela Lau said...

Passion for photography started off admiring professionally taken pictures from blogs!( like yours! :D )then took up the courage to join church photography ministry using gears from other photographers and then to part-time as second shooter for wedding photographers.

2nd year uni student, and
thou I'm still in a long journey to obtaining my own DSLR! but would love a shootsac to drive me further more to push through into getting into the industry. Besides, its trendy esp for a girl! boo boring black square camera bags!

and why am I a JSP Fan? how not to be? :) your shots are absolutely amazing, simple and sophisticated! total inspiration and aspiration!

Angela Lau <3

Gilbert Wong said...

I would love shootsac to replace my bulky bag where I always knocked on people chairs during banquet shoot and it is not comfortable to bring around. I hate to leave my 70-200 unguarded if I don't bring it near me.

I just started full time wedding photographer and this bag would definitely helps me in having the versatility to skate around banquet dinner and also outdoor portraits shoot.

I'm a fan of JSP because your shots inspire me to do better and push myself to the limit. I always admire simplicity and how you did your shots with your clients simply awesome.

If you choose me to be the father of the bag, I will brag to everyone Jenny Sun gave me an early Christmas gift.

JSP is SICK! Woot woot~!

Kelvin said...

i am very new in JSP after i saw the photos for Alice and Chee Wee's wedding i was stun by your photos and it's not just that is like an 'art' to me.
It make me move on as a photographer to be someone like you to not just take photos but to make an art!
sometime i may be down when i took pic out there but there is 1 thing that never fail me that is always to look over beautiful photos just like your!
i know there be a TONS of people will want to have the 'SHOOTSAC' i just wanna say
I WANT IT ALSO!!!!!!!!!!
if i don't it... can i have your signature JUST FOR ME PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!

By Kelvin Chu

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jude said...

The photos are impressive,nice snaps,all the captured moments by wedding photograhers are good and it makes wedding admirable.