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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's time again :)

I owe a million apologies for making this blog starve these past couple of weeks. And I am SO sorry to those whom have been pleading with me to update more frequently. I am trying for you, I promise :) It's been busy, granted, and I have photos coming in and out of my ears (in a good way!! :D) so trust me, there is plenty to share in due time.... your patience will pay off, I promise that too.

Good news - I've made it back to malaysian soil! Bad news - I didn't quite make it in one piece. I've been recovering from a really bad neck/back sprain that literally rendered me incapacitated. I can move now, but sadly the head-splitting headaches have not gone away - they are still there and robbing me of precious sleep. But, regardless, I'm thankful I'm alive and can still do what I love to do!! So please, no pity okay? ;)

Anyway, that time has come again, where I am to sit down and really reflect over what I am thankful for, and what things I love in my life - why I keep doing it? I'm not really sure, but I feel it keeps one grounded, and it reminds me to not forget all the good things that come my way. I am very aware that the blessings which I get to enjoy, by the grace of God, are exactly that - blessings. Gifts. And like all good gifts, I never want to take them for granted no matter how small they may seem.

I guess I owe 6 of each, considering the time that has passed since the last one. However, I'm going to settle for 5 loves, and 6 thank you's this time :)

Things I love!

(1) Tim Tams
Some believe these are the most overrated chocolate biscuits ever, but I beg to differ. Those that possess that sweet tooth, or have an appreciation for the slightly more sweet things in life, will know that nothing (including the FAKE tim tams sold in KL! :p) can replace that rich chocolate center, enveloped with chocolate biscuit, and that smooth layer of chocolate coating that wraps it all up - served with a piping fresh mug of hot chocolate. mmmm! It was good getting to eat the real stuff again, recently!

(2) The Internet
I realized that not having it at my beck and call while I was travelling, I have come to heavily depend on it for alot of things! For work, for communication with friends, for looking for that next line of inspiration. I'm going to sound oh-so-cool saying this (note, that was sarcasm!!), but I felt like my arm and leg were missing without it!

(3) Macbooks
Thanks to my lovely little brother, he has managed to convert the 8 year cynic in me to eventually go out and invest in a macbook. My laptop got really sick while I was in Sydney and as a result, Jimmy generously let me use his macbook while I was on the road every single day - I fell in love :p Thankfully it was not love at first sight or touch, but hey - I did say I was a cynic when it comes to macs! I'm not sure when I'm going to convert (laptop conversion only!!) but at least my mind is open to it now, haha!

(4) PS I Love You
I laughed, and I cried when the words of this book filled my eyes. I'm not usually one drawn to this kind of literature (I usually love mystery, drama, cultural, crime, and some fantasy), but after hours and hours in the airport trying to pick something to read tossing and turning between several titles, I stumbled upon this one and for no apparent reason it grabbed me immediately. 16 hours and 1400km of travelling later, I'm glad I made that decision. Pick it up to read if you want to be inspired in a sentimental and heart-warming kind of way :) Author: Cecelia Ahern.

(5) Music
News flash: I love my music!! News flash: Thats not really new news :p Those that know me, know that I feel incredibly odd if a day passes by where I can't stream my favourite tracks of the moment through my stereo speakers, or my mp3 player while I am travelling and working. And those that know me even better, will know that I have this inherent weakness to ponder through CD stores for hours sometimes, combing through the racks for any new CD to spark my ear's attention. I am known to walk out of a CD store with entire bagfuls of new music to listen to (especially if I have happened across those reknowned $10/dirtcheap CD stores in Sydney!) - this time around, I came home with 6 new additions (2 were courtesy of some previous clients who were so AWESOMELY generous in giving me a thank you present in the form of a CD voucher to spend at HMV - they knew I LOVE music! :D ):
- Whoever You Are by Deb Fung
- Ripen by Shawn McDonald
- Bring On The Day By Garage Hymnal
- Cross The Line by Playjerise
- On a Clear Night by Missy Higgins
- Twentythree By Tristan Prettyman
All are fantastic and I highly recommend you to check any one (or all) of them out! :) My recommendation is this killer duet by Tristan Prettyman + Jason Mraz called "Shy that Way [live video version, though not as cool as the album version]" - very groovy (I hope that was the right word to use! hah!)

Things I am thankful for...

(1) Time in Sydney.
It was soul-refreshing to be back home. To live in the space of my Castle Hill house. To hear the constant babble of family chatter. To listen to my sister's CD player churn out the teeny-boppy tunes of High School musical 2. To only have to pay $3 for a cup of fantastic coffee. To have my eyes gifted with skies brimming with so much natural blue, it almost hurt to look! The whole trip gave me a period to rest (despite the fireball of a schedule which was lined up), and to have a moment to myself to reflect and just think in a space dislocated from the manic of life that often hurls itself at us. It gave me much needed perspective on alot of things pertaining to life and my work, and I fully believe my life has changed as a result of it. It may be a changed path to walk on, but really - it is a new reality full of exciting possibilities.

(2) Change
On that note, I am so grateful to God for change. There is alot of change ahead, and I am being utterly honest when I say there isn't a day that goes by where my stability-hugging soul isn't petrified of what things it will bring. I know, however, it is much needed change. It is welcomed change. Like spring's breath of life after a long winter, I know it will awaken much that has been asleep, and it will invigorate and challenge me to really work and grow through the times ahead. My role as a photographer is going to change (in the very best of ways, so dont worry!! :D ), and on a bigger deeper scale, my role as a person is also going to shift in alignment with quite a few people over the next 6 months. But I know God has engineered it all to be for very very good reasons. So in my small way, I guess I am saying I am ready...Or moreover, God has made and will continue to make me ready... and I can't wait :) Bring it on!

(3) My northern stars
In a life where so little remains planted in the spot we leave it, I cling on to those anchors that so steadfastly hold constant in this tide of frenzied existence. I know we all have our achors, because without them, we ourselves would float and be carried away with the multitude of things that fill our lives. They keep us sane, they keep us real. I know I run the risk of sounding exceedingly repetitive, but in all honesty my Heavenly Father is my one true rock. He has shown me time and time again, that He holds onto me tigher than I hold onto Him...and that no matter where I am, His footsteps are always beside mine, leading me onto straighter stronger roads. I have to also say the hugest thank you to Ju - he has watched and made sure I didn't fall over the waves of change lately, through my tears, and then the victories, thank you for making sure I got through it all, for making sure I had decent coffee to fuel my energy tanks whenever I worked late nights on photos, for making sure my camera equipment wasnt eaten by mould, but really thank you for make sure the little things were taken care of so I could tackle the bigger things. Thank you God and Ju, for being my northern stars.

(4) My Eyes
My eyes aren't beautiful. They aren't big. Nor are they particularly attention grabbing, or painted any unique colour. However, in the last few weeks, I realised how important my eyes have become to me. Recently, Ju had a nasty accident whereby a speck of metal flew into his eye, scratching his cornea, creating a swelling so intense that it created a puffy shade of red. Then, sitting on a rather lonely seat, on a hot afternoon not long ago in the clinic, while waiting for my turn to see the doctor, a lady perched herself slowly not too far to my right. She was brought in for a very badly bruised right eye. I am not sure how the injury was inflicted upon her - whether it was self, accidental, or intentional by another - regardless, I was struck with a deep chord of gratefulness. On both counts. While my eyes aren't special, they are healthy. Both of them work. I don't need to wear glasses. And for some strange reason, God allows me to see beautiful things and events with them so that in turn I can give back what I see to others, so that they can remember :) And even stranger still, I love it to bits. Thank you so much God! Your gift of sight is truly wonderful :)

(5) Friends
I am blessed to have friends across the world, and in particular over two countries - It was amazing to be able to see some of them again in my lightning speed trip recently in Sydney. I realized how much I missed them when I got to chat to them over coffee, and give them a warm hug. As I was sitting, watching one good friend of mine feed her gorgeous 4-month old daughter (Dawn! She is seriously a head turner, and I just love her trademark spoof of hair! Keep taking photos of her so I can watch her grow up from afar!), I was astounded over some thinking, to see how far we have all come in life. So much has changed. Yet at the same time, nothing has. Yes, we have all gone our own separate ways since our university/youth group days... some are now mothers, some are married, others are travelling, some still have had 'career' and 'life' changes. Yet I am completely grateful that our ties to one another run deeper than blood, and that I can always call you brothers and sisters no matter where I am or how long I've spoken to you. Some things never change, and I love that. It was particularly encouraging talking to Joyce while I was back - if you ever read this Joyce, I just want to say the biggest thank you for your heart to heart in Gordon that friday, and your long distance phone calls and prayers before that. You always know when I needed a good ear, and some honest truth. And isn't it amazing? God has now not only answered my prayers, but yours too - which are all in all, our prayers. I cant wait til later this month when we can do it again, with some shopping for a mission on the side! :D

(6) Beautiful clients
I got to meet a whole lot of them while I was in Sydney. I'm not sure about other photographers' experience with their clients, but I feel so sure that God has really blessed me with an incredible set of people to work with. From shouting me coffee (you guys SO shouldn't have done that! I wanted to shout you instead! :D) to walking me to the train station & carrying my bags so I would make it home safely in the dark, I've not met people who are so nice, generous, down-to-earth, kind... so much so that I didn't feel like I was meeting with clients, but friends. You have all revolutionized the meaning of client relationships and I only want to give the best back with your photos. Thank you for your beautiful benevolence and hand of friendship as you shared about your love + life + wedding over coffee and a lovely meal. I was truly humbled. And I am so glad our paths have crossed.


ps: Don't worry... photo blogging, wedding blogging, and my sydney experience will all resume soon. Patience, Patience :)