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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Behind The Scenes: Pre-Wedding Video [Hui Ling and Yew Cheong]

Hello everyone!! The blogging week has started, and I wanted to brighten up your Monday with this special video. If you remember the pre-wedding session I shot for Hui Ling and Yew Cheong (Check out their photos HERE), during the shoot, we also had videographer Eddie Lee on board that day to film all the behind the scenes action! :D

Which means, you'll be able to see how some of the shots were set up and made, the sweet smiles from the couple themselves, and unfortunately how DAGGY I look while shooting - oh yes, that means cap, yellow rain boots, and all!!

Enjoy the video, and hope this adds a little sparkle to start your week! :D For those viewing this post via RSS feed, you can view the video HERE.

For those who want to have this for your pre-wedding, please contact us! We'd love to create something fabulous for you! Ok, Eddie will create something fabulous for you! haha, but I promise I'll take some pwetty piccies?? :D

Alright, the past week has been absolutely insanely busy and packed, but I'll be back really soon on this blog space with some special pictures and the like! So please stay tuned or follow us on the facebook page where ALOT (and I mean TONNES AND TONNES) of sneak peeks and photos are leaked out before they make it to this blogspace so stay in touch with us there too! :D



Anonymous said...

your yellow boots are just so cute!!

Anonymous said...

nice video and photo! i like it so much... ~ ART's

Mary Anne Morgan said...

Beautiful Jenny! As Always!:)
~ Mary Anne

youna said...

you know I really want a video montage too ;P I'm still thinking about it :P

I think I know why you're wearing those gumboots lol...

Bernard Khoo said...

Lovely .. just simple & lovely ...

IvanK. said...

Dear Jenny,
Everytime viewing your page... those picture bring happiness to me! Love all the photos so much and Im still waiting for your workshop in Msia ^^
Thanks for sharing your work and experience.. Like all of it ^^
By the way, this shot taken in Msia??

Kar Mun said...

I love your works Jenny! and you look so cute in that boots! Can't wait to learn from you in Jan next year in Singapore workshop :)

Best regards,
Kar Mun

Kerry & Taylor said...

Gorgeous! Was this filmed with a 5DMkII?

William said...

I laughed out loud, literally at your yellow boots. I absolutely loved it.

You are awesome.