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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bridal Shoot: Alex + Danielle (With Vibrant Photography) Digital Set

As Promised, after I posted the FILM set (its the post below this one!) of this shoot, I would put up the digital set here :)

Jonathan (from Vibrant Photography) and I had planned this shoot for a long time. Months! Since the last session we did together (post HERE), we had so much fun, we thought it would be fabulous to arrange another session and rock it out in a totally new way :) So when the time came around for this shoot, I was super excited because we were again working with a whole team of amazing and fabulous vendors who just made this shoot so incredibly perfect!! Thank you so much to Jon who arranged the hair/makeup and location! And to Naomi his lovely wife who made the yummiest lunch for all of us that day! :D

HUGE thanks must go to the team:

Models: Alexandra Pruze and Danielle Byrnes
Hair: Megan From Visionary Hair
Makeup: Yvette from Ethix Makeup
Jewellery: Pastiche
Flowers: Erica from Erica Jayne Floral Designs
Location: Red Cow Farm and Summerlee Cottages
Dresses: Pretty In White (Celestial Collection)

As always, I have to give a huge shoutout to my amazing gown partners here in KL, Malaysia - Pretty In White. This shoot just wouldn't have been possible without the 3 gorgeous pieces they let us use for this collaboration shoot. I just cannot say enough wonderful things about this team. They not only were cool enough to let me fly their gowns all the way here to my lovely home down under, but their gowns are just something else, really. They seriously know how to merge the classic, with modern touches, yet remain elegant all around - and believe me when I say this is NOT an easy end result to accomplish! I've seen so many dresses in my line of work, and I love how the cuts are still very classic, but use contemporary touches and embellishments that are just right - never too much, just right :) You'll see what I mean below in the photos. Brides looking for gowns! I highly recommend you visit Pretty In White! They have fabulous stuff, and great service, as well as an eye to recommend what is best for you and the shoot you are doing! :D

We used 3 pieces from their new Celestial Collection and I just adore this line for its romantic, soft, and incredibly feminine style. It completely matches my deep love to shoot sessions that portray a really romantic, vintage theme! :D The photography world is (from what I can see) delving into this fine art, dark moody trend, but I thought I'd dive in the complete other direction and do something completely bright, feminine, romantic, whimsical, and dreamy :)

And again, this is a continuation on my experiment with styling (explain in this POST), and to show brides how important your decisions are when you are picking and choosing your pieces for your shoot. From your dress, to the shoes, flowers, accessories, jewellery (or lack of! We decided to use minimal jewellery or very simple pieces in this shoot because of the grandeuer of the gowns), hair/makeup theme, and so on! Every styling decision was very deliberately thought out and chosen, and as a result, the end result was cohesive and visually strong. So people! Please speak to us (photographer and vendors!) when you are doing your shoot to get our opinion! Our aim is to give you the best images possible! :)

Anyhow, onto the photos!! :D Be sure to check out Jonathan's take on his blog! :D The location was HUGE, so Jon and I split up at various times during the course of the day, shooting each girl separately, and sometimes 'hijacking' (in his words!! hehe) each other's set ups - but it was super fun and I had a great time getting the following shots :D

Alex's dress below is a romantic mermaid cut dress with intricate lace and pressure fold pleating embellished with swarovski crystal and pearl details for train and sleeves.

Danielle's dress (the pretty blonde!) is a dreamy ball gown style dress with full sequined bodice. The lovely bow like strap is detachable so that it can transformed into a strap across or a strapless look.

I've always loved backless dresses - so classy and sexy at the same time! :D And the train!! People!! the detail is gorgeous!! No more boring plain trains anymore!

So many pretty details on this dress! Loving the lace sleeves :)

Well it rained for awhile so we retreated to the quaint cottage to shoot.

I hate full rose bouquets (especially white ones :P). I'm sorry!! But I do... Its mainly cos I see them every week, so I was sooooo excited when I got to choose the bouquets for this shoot and pick something unique and different - CALLA LILLIES!! COLORED ONES! Calla lilies are some of my favourite flowers of all time :) Next to tulips and others ;)

Brides, your choice of dress is SO important to your shoot. For this session, the gorgeous embellishments and details in each dress really made the shots. In any normal gown, I believe the photos wouldn't have turned out as pretty. That said, this isn't a call to get the most detailed crazy dress you can find - no, more so it is a call to think hard about the choices you are making for your shoot and really making sure they all tie into your original theme :)

Have you noticed that we didn't use any veil for this shoot? This was a deliberate decision as the locations and the dresses were so elaborate already, I felt that wearing a veil and excessive jewellery would ruin the shot so we kept things simple by putting in delicate and subtle hairpieces into the girls' hair, and wearing almost no jewellery at all, so as to let the photos and the rest of the styling do the talking :)

We got some gorgeous light that day... but don't think thats the best you'll see :) Keep scrolling down!

There is some of that pretty jewellery from Patische.

Huge huge thanks to the ever fabulous Pinmeup Couture for the beautiful hairpiece. It just added the most lovely touch to our photos of the gorgeous Alex that day! :D Brides, this is a custom made piece, and you can do it too for your day!! Tracy makes the most gorgeous stuff!! :D

And onto location #2 - it was the most spectacular sunset I've seen down under for a LONG LONG time... the light was amazing and Jon and I were seriously drooling cos of it!! :D These last few photos were my favourite from the whole day :D

Dani did one last change into a glamorous mermaid cut V-neck dress with a stunning bubble detachable train embellished with pretty roses.

Don't believe the sunset? This photo below is proof it was AMAZING!!! I purposely left it straight out of camera so you would get a real life look to what we got to experience that day. I praise God for His glorious creation, and the blessing to shoot under it that day :) I am so proud to call this beautiful country down under my home :D

Yay! That was so fun! So much so I'm starting to think brides should start having shoots just for themselves! Why not right?? :D Its a great excuse to get all dressed up and in your dress an extra time! And it doesn't even have to be done before the wedding! After is just as cool too! :D

Til next time people!! have a BEAUTIFUL Christmas and New Year!!



Bridal Shoot: Alex + Danielle (With Vibrant Photography) On Film

This was a MONSTER of a shoot, with so many images that it has to be split into two posts.

Full write up of this shoot will come with the digital set later this afternoon. Link will be posted in place of this sentence when it is up :) And TRUST ME, you are not gonna want to miss the digital set because it has a tonne of extra photos and some fun surprises :)

EDIT: here is the link to the digital set :D

For now, enjoy the photos I shot on film from a really fun bridal fashion shoot I did with the fabulous Jonathan from Vibrant Photography!

As always, film is slowly becoming a favourite medium of mine to shoot in, not only because it has this soft organic feel to the images that just cannot be replicated on digital, but also because it comes out fabulous and gorgeous straight out of camera. I love that you can just shoot, develop, and the photos are perfect as is - no editing!! :D That's right, all the images below are straight out of camera. No photoshop was done except the border :)

Hair:Megan From Visionary Hair
Makeup: Yvette from Ethix Makeup
Jewellery: Pastiche
Flowers: Erica from Erica Jayne Floral Designs
Location: Red Cow Farm and Summerlee Cottages
Dresses: Pretty In White (Celestial Collection)

Models: Alexandra Pruze and Danielle Byrnes

Huge huge thanks to the ever fabulous Pinmeup Couture for the beautiful hairpiece. It just added the most lovely touch to our photos of the gorgeous Alex that day! :D Brides, this is a custom made piece, and you can do it too for your day!! Tracy makes the most gorgeous stuff!! :D

Seriously, how AMAZING is this dress?? Danielle looks like a blooming flower. So pretty! :D

I was wondering if I could still replicate the flare I just SO love in film... it was scary because I had no idea if my technique worked or not (i had to wait to develop to find out) - but thankfully yay! It turned out just lovely the way I wanted it to :) Yes, that is natural straight out of camera flare on film!! :D

Stay tuned for the digital set!! its coming in just a few short hours in the afternoon today!! :D