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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Judith and William: Just Because

And so, we are continuing with the mini blog posts!! :) I know they SEEM long, but trust me... my regular posts come with a full story, slideshow, and about 30 to 40 images, so when I post about 15 or so, its a mini post!! haha :)

Anyhow, I'm not too sure what to call this, since Judith and William had been married for 2 years when they decided to engage me for their shoot. But like I said before in my last Just Because session, I TOTALLY believe that you do not need a special reason to take photos. Just being allowed the opportunity to document your love as it matures, grows, and refines over the years is such an incredibly beautiful thing as it is... so for those waiting for a malaysian shoot on my blog, this one is for you :)

Introducing Judith and William's just because session...

Judith wanted to rock it out with a gorgeous wedding dress!! And finish it up with some casual shots of themselves - which was perfect because I just LOVE it when my clients take my advice and do part of their session in casual gear. Its so important to have photos of yourselves, as you are... because, lets face it, as much as we would like to think so, we do NOT wear our wedding attire everyday, and we do not look like how we look on our wedding everyday... so to have photos of yourselves, being... well, yourselves, is SO important! You can show your kids and grandkids in years to come and tell them that was really you, as YOU! :)

We don't normally do this, but before her session started, Judith wanted us to come to her hotel room to take some shots of her dress and details since she never got these type of photos on her actual wedding day :) Aren't they gorgeous!!

OH yes, that is a tiffany and co ring!! :D My husband is lucky I am not a bling kinda girl, because if I was, my wallet and eyes would stick to Tiffany and Co like a lost puppy :D

Then off and around Mandarin Oriental, KL for some quick shots :) They were super nice in letting Judith and William shoot there, since they had their wedding there a couple of years back. The banquet manager apparently still remembers them! Thats AWESOME service :)

Then we proceeded to go outdoors for the rest of the shoot :)

A random, in between poses shot :) I kinda like it!

Now to ALL BRIDES who request for veil shots from your photographer, THIS is the kind of veil you should have. Extremely EXTREMELY long (like floor length!!), soft and flowy. None of that crunchy stuff that feels like sandpaper :) I fell in LOVE with Judith's veil the moment I laid my eyes on it cos I knew shots like this were totally possible :D

my oh my... you know me and patterns/lines. I used to be a graphic designer, so this backdrop was heaven!! :D

And it wouldn't be a JSP shoot without trying to find some colour right?? :D These are dumpster cans by the way! haha... we got like 2 shots, before the guard promptly told us to go away! :P But alas, it was worth it!!

Judith managed to get us permission to shoot inside this church. She wanted a vintage touch to her photos here, so here is an example.

More playing with the ultra long veil!

i LOVE this shot! Staircases are so fun!! It was hilarious to try and keep my feet out of this shot though! Cos the lens was so wide, I kept seeing my toes in the edges!! Here's one that finally made it, toes excluded :)

Casual shoot :)

William is a guitarist so it was so cool when he brought along his guitar for the shoot. I love it when clients bring along pieces of themselves to reflect part of who they are in the shoot! :D

Alright everyone! I gotta get back to editing and emails again! I have a 3 day event to go to, starting from tomorrow, so if you don't hear from me until then, have an awesome awesome weekend!! :D In the meantime, enjoy the FOUR posts I put up in the last 48 hours :)



If you know me, and have been following my blog well, you will know that I am a huge advocate for sharing knowledge, experience, and the like. I've been very very blessed with meeting similar minded people who were extremely giving in their know-how early on in my career, which has helped me in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years :)

So when I was asked if I would like to participate and give a talk in an upcoming event called SHOOTFEST, an 'unconference' for photographers and videographers, I was stoked!

What is this shootfest you are asking? Well, I couldn't explain it better than the orgazanizers of the event themselves. This is an extract from their site:

An unconference is an informal gathering of likeminded people with a common interest. It’s a participant-driven conference, meaning everyone must participate in some way or another. We encourage everyone to present a topic or engage in a discussion during the 2-day sessions.

Each ShootFest is a media unconference primarily for photographers and videographers. This first one that is organised is themed The Wedding and is meant for professionals, freelancers and anyone interested in wedding photography and videography.

The benefits of ShootFests are knowledge-sharing, networking and raising the bar for the industry. If you feel you don’t want to share any of your kung-fu, then the unconference is probably not for you. We want to breed improvement for everyone, and need you to share your thoughts too.

If you want more details, please visit their site! And register NOW, because the event has a limited number of spaces, and you don't want to miss out on the talks by other speakers! The topics covered will be awesome!

I hope to see you all there! :)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Career Women do make dinner :)

So who says we career women never spend time at home, cooking and looking after the husband? Here's what I made tonight in bewteen editing sessions and emailing! :)

Roasted portuguese chicken with special chilli and lemon sauce, caesar salad, and garlic bread, all served with a lovely bottle of Cabernet Savignon, from the boutique winery Tokar Estate in the Yarra Valley.  It all took just a little over an hour to make thanks to the oven! :D
(thanks to my brother for teaching me to make home made garlic bread!! it tastes SOOOO much better than that rotten stuff that is sold in the supermarkets! :D Even made with cheap gardenia bread, it was awesome!)

Even Ju, gave the seal of approval with two thumbs up (while he was watching ESPN sports news :D) !!

Alright, I best be off back to replying these emails and editing these photos :)


Will and Julie: Wedding

As mentioned before, I am doing what I call a mini blog week, in attempt to blog every day until the weekend hits, and especially until normality resumes in my life :) My posts will be shorter, but there will be alot more of them (I hope!). So until I am able to squeeze my grubby little fingers around some spare time, and breathe, I hope you enjoy the mini blog posts. I know its totally better than me not posting at all this next week or two. I promise normality will resume :)

Anyhow, since I am doing this mini blog thing, it means this week is all about catching up. This entails looking back at all the shoots I've done that haven't made it up to this blog space. It isn't because they aren't special... but due to time, travelling, and other reasons which really aren't that interesting to divulge, I never had the chance to sit down and write about them. Plus, I try really hard to keep the material on my blog fresh and current, so this week, I am dedicating all my posts to all the shoots I've done in the past year that haven't made it to the blog, but are just as special :)

Meet Will and Julie :)

I love red themes. Anything bright and colourful against the normal black and white of weddings, is always always stunning :)

Some pretty dress details.

Til next time! Gotta run and get back to this atrocious to-do-list! :)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catching up, Lunch, and Mini Blog Week

Last night, I lowered my eyes and peered at my checklists, and the pleasant realization came over me that I had finished everything. EVERYTHING. Down to the last email, facebook message....even the crossing off of items one the list - it was ALL complete. I then walked around my office looking for things to fill my time, only to find that I had nothing left to do. A smile crept over my face and I then proceeded to pour myself a glass of red wine while I slipped in my newest blu ray disc purchase. It felt so good to know I had accomplished everything....and that I finally had it in the palm of my hands - time. That elusive element I've been chasing for, for months!

Then to my horror, my eyes opened, and I awoke.

I hate dreams. Especially good ones :) They make me want to go back to sleep and pry every last detail out, flesh it into reality, and then squeeze it some more just to make sure I had everything.

Well, the reality is, the past 2 weeks have been travel week, and things have been as manic as ever. The weather has NOT been my friend, and I am still playing kickboxing with my inbox. It seems no matter how much quality time I spend with it every day, it seems to throw punches bigger than I can throw back! However, I am DETERMINED to win. And believe you me, I will :) You don't mess with a taurus!

Anyhow, while I try to resume normality at tornado level 5 speed, I just wanted to say that even though the past week or two have been completely insane on every count, I wanted to share a few things that have been on my mind amidst all the things that have been going on:

(1) I couldn't imagine doing anything else :) I think I am sick that way... haha, I relish in the crazy, and it makes me want to do it all the more :)

(2) A few photographers have been emailing me about getting together to ask me some questions, get feedback on their work, and so on. So I thought, what a fabulous idea it would be to organize a lunch get together some time in May! That right - it will be me, and whoever of you who want to come along. I'll be there to sit with you to answer your questions (you can ask me anything on photos, cameras, light, business, etc - and I'll try my best to answer it all - I'm no guru, but I'm happy to share whatever I can!), look at your work and give you some feedback, and anything else you fancy :) And the best thing is, I am not charging a cent for this session. I am a HUGE believer in helping others, and this is my little way of giving back - I've had the absolute pleasure of being blessed with tonnes of awesome generous giving minded people when I started in the industry and now its my turn :) I'll be limiting it to the first 8-10 people (quality time over quantity!) so email me at with the subject title "LUNCH". I'd love to hear from you! I'm terrified that I'm being a total idiot, and that no one will come, so please spare me from sitting alone and drop me a line :) ps: This will be held in KL, so this is for all you shutter bugs in KL/Malaysia. Don't worry sydney siders - I'll organize one for you soon :)

(4) I'll be doing what I call 'Mini Blog Week' this week. That is - one short post everyday until the weekend hits - to make up for my silence of late!

(3) Now, I said the weather was NOT my friend lately, but when she was, she treated me SOOOOO well :) Look!!

Have an awesome tuesday everyone! :) I'm fighting my way through my inbox everyday, so if you are still awaiting a reply - either check your spam folders, or drop me another line if you still haven't heard from me :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friends: Just Because

These past couple of weeks have been MAD. Like M.A.D. With capital letters. And exclamation marks. 

Shoots have been running wild, dotting my schedule more frequently than the spots on a leopard. And the weather has been CRAZY?! It has totally been spinning my weeks haywire. So I am officially apologizing profusely if my posts have been erratic, if shoots have been moved around, if my emails have been even more topsy turvy (ALL will be replied by end of wednesday), and for anything else that has been out of the norm. The crazy will subside in the not too distant future, so hang in there with me :)

Anyhow, the weather hasn't been entire cruel :) God recently opened the skies long enough so we could take a little trip out of the busy in the city, and into the tranquility of autumn in its all its splendour for what I love to call a "Just Because" session. You know, because I am a HUGE believer that you should never need a special reason to take photos. Life is amazing in itself, and to be able to document it, document you at various points along its colourful spectrum is reason enough...

So several months ago, Jo and all her friends write in to me, to ask if they could get their shots taken. And instead of settling just for a 'typical' headshot session, I asked the girls if they were up for doing it JSP style - that is, with a slight fashion twist. Because, seriously, as a girl myself I think we girls don't have enough opportunities to feel and look fabulous. To feel beautiful. To dress up and look gorgeous. And what better opportunity to express your fabulousness than in a "Just Because" session right?

So I asked the girls to get their hair and makeup done, and then put together 2 outfits each (one dressy outfit, and one funky casual outfit) which expressed their style and personalities. Our aim was something feminine, romantic, with a touch of vintage. I couldn't love them more for listening to my advice, and for having such fabulous taste, because here is what ended up in the camera:

Here is Edith, all gorgeous in the yummy light we had! :) I LOVED her hairpiece... actually, I loved ALL of the girls' hairpieces. Vintage hairpieces with feathers, lace, and the like are all the rage in the fashion scene at the moment I'm so glad they took on my advice and brought some along! :D

Meet Grace :)

And here is Jo!

Here is Jenny (on the left), and Lucy (on the right) who showed us this gorgeous place :)

The girls opted to do their make up on the day (which I LOVE!! Make up done right just brings out everything that is already beautiful about a girl's face! And just looks awesome in photos!!). The make up was done by the fabulous Lauren Leffler, who I think did an AWESOME job on the girls. 

I believe EVERY girl deserves to have a beautiful photo of themselves. 

This is why Autumn is my favourite season of the year... the light gets softer, and the colours that start to come out are just stunning. 

One last one for the two sisters :) I hope I get a cool shot with my sister one day!!

Thank you so much girls for a fabulous afternoon! It was perfect and I had the BEST time :D I hope these images made you smile as much as they made me smile :)