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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alicia and Marcus: Wedding

It all started with an sms blooper. She thought he was a priest in the making, and wondered why would he be wanting to seek a relationship? And he puzzled over why she would be so 'rude' were his words. The audience threw out a hearty chuckle, and the happy bride and groom looked at each other in nostalgic amusement after explaining the first moment that serendipty threw them together. For despite the lack of sparks, between them at the start, life certainly had other plans. For this is how their union became complete:

"You complete me Alicia. You complete me on so many levels, that I think it is going to take the rest of my life to find each and every one of them". While admitting it was corny, he professed it was every bit the truth. And the way he beamed at her without a hint of embarrassment, only radiated that truth clearer, and demonstrated the depth of their love.

Marcus and Alicia celebrated the start of their married life together over a 3-day affair that included a fusion of the west and the east...a church ceremony at Holy Rosary Church in Brickfields KL, 2 asian banquets (one at Saujana Hotel, the other at One Bangsar Ballroom), and the 3rd banquet in a modern intimate restaurant called Zipangu in Shangri-la KL. It really is a MONSTER post, so beware :) Sorry there are so many photos, but you have been warned ;)

So here we go :) My favourite from the day celebrations!

I LOVE it when brides splash colour through their big day in little ways like this :)

This probably has to be one of my favourite shots of the day. This was completely candid. We did a series of similar shots after she put on her veil and posed Alicia, but this candid one still remained my favourite.

The gorgeous church.

Love this moment. The joy expressed through it is just priceless.

Cute private moments always catch my eye. I love being allowed to photograph them!

Some quick portraits. We literally had about 15 or 20mins!

The energetic tea ceremony session :)

And here is what we got during all the feasting/night events! :)

The speeches were hilarious! I caught myself laughing a few times!! :p

And not forgetting the reception details!! Mmmmm... we all know how much I LOVE details and colour at weddings. Brides, you know how to make your photographer happy *hint hint* :p

And another quick stint of a portraits session where we shot for about 10 to 15 mins in the restaurant!

Shot right in the middle of the kitchen... haha! Pity all the cooks cleared off.

And here is where Marcus' words got to Alicia. She broke down in tears. I thought it was really moving. Two things will always get to me at weddings... (1) Emotion, and (2) Colour/details. So brides, if your wedding is full of this, I'm in wedding photography heaven! :D

There are TONNES, and I mean TONNES more photos in the slideshow, so enjoy playing it below! :)

Huge thanks to Joshua and Edwin for helping me shoot this wedding! And to the bride and groom - thank you for the honor and trust in letting me put your memories to film (or sensor in this case :p). I hope some of these images bring back the joy you felt on your wedding day. Have a FABULOUS time in Hawaii!!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Sneak Peak!

I'm planning to post a 3 day wedding that I have just finished shooting, so stay tuned :)

While I'll leave my top top fave shots for the real post, here's a little taste of the wedding that's to come!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There has been a silence living on this blog space this past week. One that I am quite aware of, believe me.

I've been feeling a bit 'bleh' of late. You know, that sentiment where you are neither here or there on the emotional scale. This comes as a little odd for me as for the most part, I'm usually harbouring some kind of feeling, or emotion that bears its mark on the day at hand, be it happiness, hope, envy, a pang of the blues... what?? I'm human too! :p

At the moment though, my mind is empty. Blank. Like, completely and utterly zero!

Which is completely strange as those who know me, will say that my head is always full of thoughts, bubbling away, sometimes so much so that they are literally bursting at the seams. It shows when I talk. AND, my notoriously long-winded emails.

This present void in heart and particularly mind, has meant that my usual daily desire to blog has gone MIA. Can you believe it? It's left me! haha... I'm sure once it does its wandering roundabout lurking to goodness knows where, it will come back to me and I'll be back blogging with full force with all these photos to share with you. But for now, I'd rather not taint such special photo sessions which I've wanted to blog about that involve my special clients, with this abnormal 'bleh' that has decided to plant itself all over my today.

I know alot of you visit my blog to see new photos, and I don't want to disappoint, so here is a little break from my portraits/engagements/weddings blog posts in the form of some photos I snared while walking the delighful and character filled streets of penang last week. Those of you who are in penang reading this - I *heart* your quaint little streets so full of colour and textures and I am completely in love with them! To those in the future who I'll be shooting for in the future in Penang, beware! I will be taking you out to these streets and we will be spending quite sometime there! :D

Sorry to those brides and readers who love the pretty and dainty. I love that too, but I also have a penchant for the gritty, run down, and dilapidated :) Jessica Claire and Jasmine Star (my two photography idols) - You would love Penang! :)

PS: Alot of people have asked about this, so I thought I'd share here that I do not ever crop my photos when post processing (alot of people have asked!). The cropping is all done in camera using my lens and my 2 feet ;)


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Behind The Scenes 1

Yay! Slideshow is up! Plus some engagement shoot photos so go check out the post below to see the extra stuff :)

And here is something different. As mentioned in my previous post, Vincy helped to take some video footage of some of the camera action that was happening during the day from the most recent wedding I've posted up. As much as I would love to say this is for educational purposes, I think that would only be partially be the case as this clip is really just a montage of the shooting that was happening (including my blooper with the veil! haha... it just goes to show, I WILL do almost anything to get the shot I've created in my head) rather than a clear cut demonstration of how shots are taken while dealing with composition, light, and locations. My hope next time is that we'll be able to provide you with footage where you can hear/see more of the photographer/client interaction :)

Thanks so much to vincy who did the edits and captions :)

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the footage - and apologies in advance for my dorky voice that you have to put up with, and also the poor sound quality. It was all shot with a simple point and shoot camera! ;) You can see the final results of the shots in the slideshow from the previous post!

Jenny Sun Photography - Behind The Scenes 1 from Jenny Sun on Vimeo


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nat and Sally-Ann: Wedding

He was the thoughtful, serious boy, that was content to say less rather than more. Loving to spend his free time immersed in gaming mode in front of a screen, and doing the things that boys love to do.

She was the sassy, bubbly girl...the girly type of girl who enjoyed late night verbiage with her girlfriends about boys, and who loved to pen down poetic phrases that whispered dreams of love and romantic hopes.

Their paths collided one day, when fate had decided to throw them together, while serving together in ministry where they were both leaders for a bible study group. A spark must have ignited, for to their friends, it is still a mystery as to how or what drew this northern and southern star together because in their eyes, Nat and Sally-Ann couldn't be more different.

However, isn't that the proverbial irony about opposites attracting? They complement one another. And in that very classically paradoxical, life altering kind of way, they were a perfect match.

Their maid of honor and bestman, both described how the couple began to, and still continue to transfigure each other's life.... what they liked, and who they were. She acquired a more reflective and deliberate approach to life, and he learned to bring out his thoughtfulness and turn it into expressive verbosity. Both, eventually learning to love the same things, learning to love each other.

It's funny how love strengthens you. Moulds you. Changes you.

I take a piece of revelation about love with me each time I document and witness a wedding I shoot. This time, my understanding grew more and more about why the person we marry is often deemed as our better half. Thank you Nat and Sally-Ann for being such wonderful examples. The respect you have for each other is so sweet. And while masked behind that charismatic shyness and innocent rascality you both possess, I know the love you share is beautiful and praiseworthy.

Here are some of my favourite shots from their frosty winter wedding :)

The beautiful flowers from Jill Dyball.
I just love love love tulips - they really are my all time favourite flower, and it was so sad to not be able to have them for my own wedding, but hey, photographing someone else's is the next best thing!!

And the very pretty dress, from Park Avenue Bridal.

Sally-Ann, all ready and set to go.

The ceremony (which was at the Sydney Grammar School Hall) was sweet and full of zealousy. This was just one of the moments while they were singing. I had so many frames I couldn't choose, but for some reason I love the understated nature of this one.

And their kiss, was the best I've seen in a while :) It's no wonder they got cheers! I've decided to only show the first part of the kiss ;)

And this sweet moment after the kiss, was just pricessless.

The newly married couple!

And here are some portraits we grabbed in the chilly winter air. You can really tell its winter - just look at the trees!

Their bridal party was cute and fun. I LOVE it when bridal parties are easy going and relaxed - you can tell in the photos they are really enjoying themself!

And I couldn't resist this one. I mean, come on!! COLOUR!! ;)

I just LOVE this shot. Her face says it all.

A bit of compositional fun :)

Sally-Ann! I gotta give you props for this next shot. You were so patient while I grabbed a billion frames of you playing with your beautiful veil! This was my fave grab :) And to those photographers reading this, this is what winter backlighting looks like - its incredibly soft! Seriously, you can shoot nearly ALL day in winter just because the lighting is oh-so-gentle :) And just so you know, you don't always need great backgrounds for photos - we took this shot of Sally-Ann in the middle of a wide road right smack in the center of the city!!

The girls having a bit of fun. I love how their dresses blend right in and match with the background.

Cake cutting at the reception (which was held at Sydney Park Pavillion in Alexandria) and some texture fun :)

The yummy pretty details at their wedding. Brides!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE details, so if you do plan a wedding and have me as your photographer, this is a great way to not only make your wedding look so gorgeous, but you'll send me to cloud nine too :) The awesome cupcakes you see are made by the fabulous team at The Cupcake Gallery. I was stupid enough to NOT try one while I was there, but Vincy who was shooting with me that day said they tasted delicious.

Speech time!

And they were funny speeches! Just look at the expressions :)

Lastly, some fun with the rings.

Props and shoutouts must be given to my awesome second shooters that day - Vincy and Nattnee. You guys were awesome and fun to work with!! :) Thank you for your hardwork and enthusiasm despite the cold. And cheers to vincy who was videoing behind-the-scenes footage (which will be up soon) of me shooting at this wedding.

Most importantly, thank you so much Nat and Sally-Ann for having me as part of your day! I hope you are totally enjoying your honeymoon right now in NZ? HK? Singapore? haha :) You were both so lovely and sweet to work with, and I only wish you the very very best for your marriage life ahead.

Much love! Jenny

Here is the slideshow for those who want to see a bunch of extra photos along with a song that has recently caught my ears :) And after that is a small handful of my favourite images from their engagement session. Enjoy!