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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Stay Updated!

For those that don't already know, or don't really comb through every inch of my blog in detail (:p), I thought I'd let you know that I love RSS feeds - it has made my blog hopping life sooooo much more fun :) And, you totally guessed it!! My blog has an RSS feed too!

That means, you can now subscribe to my blog! woohoo!

Okay, I gather to the bulk of you, this is waaaaaayyyy below-par in terms of exciting news, but I guess to those that prefer not to hit my blog each and everyday (although I do love that too!! It means I love you blog stalkers out there!) to check for updates, you can subscribe to the blog via RSS or get an email sent to you to notify you of any updates I make on this page :) Just trying to make life a little easier for some of you out there!

Try it out - you can find the links to do just that in the top menu bar, on the very right.

Oh, and on a completely random note, I learned a new word today: linner. That is the meal you eat between lunch and dinner. I know most of you call it 'Afternoon Tea' but that's too prim and proper and I think linner sound hilarious. Thanks Vincy for sharing the funny new vocab with me (I LOVE learning new words, even though my own spelling and grammar can be quite atrocious at times!) :p You should share your fave word with me and tell me what it means! It will make me smile (provided its not a rude word of course!!) :)

Anyhow, I'm off to nurse my monster of a flu that I've somehow caught today/over the weekend while watching an Ugly Betty Marathon on my weekend off!. Bear with me as I recover, and try to get on top of all your lovely emails that keep coming in :) But good news to end! I'm posting a shoot tomorrow (tuesday!!), so stay tuned ok!!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Sporadic friday bits and pieces

I have to admit, being away from home is hard. No, really.

I love my job, and I know it is an incredible blessing to be able to travel as often as I get to, see different and new places, but at the end of the day, my favourite place in the entire world is at home, on my cream coloured sofa, with good music playing :) Alot of the times, my work takes me away from this, away from family, away from friends - and there are moments where I get a pang in my heart from missing out on alot of the things that go on in day to day life just because I am not around. So sometimes, I find it a little perplexing when people email me as say they envy my job, or the places I get to go because I wonder if they realize the full sacrifices that are involved in such a 'glamorous' role?

That said, I do love my job :) I think God reminds me on an almost daily basis that while it does come with its pits (geez, I think any job no matter how much you love it, comes with its blue side), I am really really lucky to be doing what I am doing right now. I don't take anything for granted as I know in this life, things can go as quickly as they come :)

Anyhow, why I have brought this up was because I was away for a good part of this week, and as usual, I missed home. And I knew this time, when I came back, I would be coming back to an empty house, so that was an even bigger happiness sucker because the husband was also away for work :( But look what he left behind for me to greet me when I arrived home!

It made the big empty space a little brighter :) And it would never die!! :D

On another note, here are some other colourful little things that have made my heart smile recently.

1. My awesome yellow shoes from Paris! They only cost 10euro (bargain!!), and I think they rock!! Who says you need to splurge to get something awesome??

2. I love HUGE HUGE mugs. Its part of my inherent love for all things abnormally sized (and probably a little too much influence from that awesome friends sitcom!). Check out the ones we use at home! I love the colour and design :D

I really meant it when I said I love things in weird shapes and sizes.

For example, matchsticks that are the height of your arm.

Silver cutlery suitable only for the world of the mini of mini mini humans.

And check out my calculator that I found recently. Haha. It's literally the size of my head and my neck combined. No, I didn't want to put my face in the photo, so here's the next best thing. My hand :p I did take this picture myself - though it took several attempts as the Canon 5D in one hand with a heavy lens isn't the easiest to keep still!

Alright peeps! I'm off for the rest of the afternoon and weekend! I've not had a day off from work for 2 weeks and I'm seriously exhausted. In the act of wanting to preserve my health for all future shoots, I'll be resuming work from Monday onwards and finishing up all emails, prints, and albums that are pending to be done up. So look out for my email sometime next week! ;) Have a beautiful weekend!!


Signature Photographers...Coming Soon

During the past few months, something has been brewing to stir the waters in the Malaysian Wedding Photographer's circle...While I cannot give out the full details yet (very very soon though!!), have a read of this article that came out in The Star Paper (its like the Daily Telegraph for all you Aussies reading this!) today:

So, bookmark the website URL because the Signature Photographers website will be launching very soon!!

And save the 10th August into your diaries so you can BE THERE at the first event :) Be sure to tell all your friends (both photographers and couples alike, and anyone else who is interested!!) to bookmark the date and URL. We are coming.

ps: The image you see in the above article is by one of the photographers in this group, Edmund Tham.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where I Was

Apologies for the shortness of this post, but I figured its better you have some photos than none at all :)

Anyway, if you are curious to know where I've been the past few days, here is a snapshot to show you what should sum up this place:

And here are a couple of shots that were taken while we were there.

Would love to show you more, but time isn't on my side as I need to rapidy dash and run :)

Have an awesome thursday wherever you are! :)

And a note to those who have been commenting (from the stats, I know I lot of you don't which is also totally ok!, I understand!) - to those that do though, you guys rock! A special thank you so much for the blog love, and for making this girl feel like there is someone else other than herself and her cat reading this corner of the web! :D


Coming soon

Sorry there are no pictures with this post, but this is just a quick post to let you all know that I've returned back to my office with my ADSL modem dead so I've had to relocate myself just for the next couple of days to a cafe to get some emails and work done. Please be patient! As always, there are always alot of your lovely emails to reply (I SO should show you a snapshot of my inbox at present to show you what it looks like - hope it doesn't scare any of you!).

I was going to post a few pictures from the shoot over the last few days, but that will have to wait until later. Hopefully I'll be able to get net access again later this afternoon and share with you some photos.

Lastly, I'll be announcing something special soon - so stay tuned :)


Monday, June 23, 2008

Jeff and Nancy: Phuket Destination Wedding

Geez, I'm really lousy at this whole blogging game. I was going to blog about this other wedding, but then I realized - woops! I have to blog about this wedding first! So.... without further ado....


The bags were packed, everything tucked in neatly into their designated home for the next few days. I was ready to return to a destination I had always associated with the delightful images of sun, fun, relaxation, sand, sprinkled across with couples and family enjoying such pleasures while basking in the tropical waters that this place is so well known for.

This time however, my feet would be taking me to Phuket, for work. Jeff and Nancy were flying in from Hong Kong, and their intimate guest list of 50 close family and friends were gathered from every corner of the the globe... USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong for their tropical destination wedding.

I could literally breathe in the excitement propelling forth for the day to blossom. The girls carefully but quickly zipped and tied up their aqua marine frocks, while dabbling on the last remnants of makeup needed to look perfect...just perfect.... before embarking the red and blue tinted boat that would take them across the sparkling lake with the bride, to the place where Nancy would say her vows and promise her forever to Jeff.

She's coming!

The bride is coming! Everyone sit down. Close the doors!

The frenzied energy that had been buzzing through the humid air, had now hushed to a muted anticipation in the form of searching glances, and turned heads as they were all searching for the bride. And, as the edge of the earth waits in faithful wanting for the sun's rays to touch her side every morning, there he was faithfully waiting for her...And ever faithful in return, there was Nancy beaming with quiet joy as she walked gracefully past the pink-petal littered white path, and into the pearly radiance of the room where her eyes met Jeff. Her soon to be husband. He too matched her smile with one of his own, while nervous was just as bright. Before we knew it, they were pronounce husband and wife..Joined in matrimony at the Laguna Resort Phuket, and celebrated with a handful of those closest and dearest to their hearts.

Jeff and Nancy are very casual and understated people, and I think this was beautifully seen on their wedding day - while their wedding was gorgeously adorned in a very classy and modern way, it was never over the top. Nor was their schedule, preferring to just relax and spend more time catching up with friends whom they had not seen in awhile.

Casual, down to earth, but in every sense of the word tasteful, charming, and beautiful :) Just like everyone who was there.

Here are my favourite shots from the day:

I always love some subtle but pretty detailing on wedding dresses.

The wedding chapel, and the pretty but never over the top decorations.

Portraits, JSP style - casual! :)

The ceremony underway.

I always love how grooms look at their bride on the wedding day. I can't even put it down in words. You just have to see the expression from each wedding I do - this one was no different.

Jeff's fingers must have expanded due to the heat from stress because Nancy couldn't put the ring on!! haha, she got it in the end, but boy it was funny!


Planting a tree in remembrance of their wedding day.

Just some quick, and very informal relaxed portraits.

LOVE Nancy's engagement ring, just for its sheer uniqueness and colour. I've never seen one like it before!

Backlit, yummy goodness, with a very very slight hint of texture processing.

This was the little fella introducing guests as they walked into the reception.

Details! Details!

Jeff is also a photographer! A groom, who took out his camera on his wedding day - shame! haha... oops, did someone else I know also do the same? *scratches head*

To end the night, the the bride and groom lit up lanterns and released them into the night air. It really was very pretty. Shot with available light only.

And here is the chapel at sunset. Beautiful huh?

And as always, the slideshow! Lots and lots more pictures!! Turn up your speakers to hear a song by one of my current fave artists :) Remember when pressing play, to hit the pause button as soon as it loads.... wait for th ebar to finish loading, then press play - guaranteed smooth playing without any bumps and pauses due to slow connections :)

Thanks to Alex Moi who helped and assisted me with this wedding!

And of course, thank you Jeff and Nancy for the wonderful honor to document such a special day! Flying all the way in from so far away, and to trust someone with your memories whom you had not yet met! It was a real privilege! I had lots of fun, and your wedding was truly lovely. Thank you for making me feel welcome and comfortable, and for sharing that air conditioning + water in your room after our shoot - it was definitely HOT that day! Hope you are rocking the world with your adventurous spirits and outdoor sports endeavours! :) Blessings!

ps: I'm off travelling again from Monday to Wednesday for a shoot so I'll be out of the office. Please write me an email during that period if you need to contact me, otherwise, call my mobile if its extremely urgent :) See ya!


Friday, June 20, 2008

JSP Tidbits + Youtube Friday

Okay, NOT that you guys want to know the whole deal about your photographer, but I've been tagged. And so, I am fulfilling my cyberspace duties and answering the tag right here:

1. Four jobs/career aspirations I have had:
* Graphic designer (job)
* Marketing executive (job)
* Journalist (career aspiration)
* Photographer (yay! Currently fulfilling that one!)

2. Four things I wish I had done earlier:
* Started singing
* Learned to play the cello (still wish I had taken that one up actually!)
* Explored the world
* Learned more cooking!

3. Four places I have been (Not including Sydney/KL) :
* USA (LA, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Hawaii)
* Paris
* Spain
* South East Asia (thailand, vietnam, indonesia, China)

4. Four countries I would like to visit :
* Greece - I wanna see Santorini (known for the best sunset in the world)
* Europe - more of it!!
* Japan
* USA - East coast cities only like NY, Boston, Chicago

5. Four of my favorite dishes/snacks:
* Anything japanese!
* Honey/soy chicken wings
* Salt & vinegar chips
* Any sort of stir fried veges ( i love veges... particularly broccoli)

6.Four of fav. desserts :
* Chocolate Ice cream
* Milo ice cream (anyone seeing the pattern here?? :p)
* Aeroplane Jelly
* Chocolate dipped strawberries

7. Four sites I visit daily:
* Don't even get me started!! (mainly photographer's blogs) :)

8. Four software applications I cannot live without:
* Web browser (eg: IE)
* Music player (eg: iTunes)
* Photoshop & Illustrator & Acrobat (then I'd be out of work!! haha)
* Microsoft Word

9. Four favourite drinks
* Watermelon Juice (or anything tropical and fruity in juice or smoothy form!)
* Barley juice
* Lemon Lime and bitters
* Coffee (especially the Illy kind.... mmmmm)

10. Four things you may not know about me:
* I still get nervous before every shoot I do (its nothing to do with my experience, but more so to do with the fact that I take nothing for granted, and my want to only give my clients 100%)
* Silence kills me - no, really. It's probably one of the reasons why I can talk so much, but that bare absence of sound.....scariest thing ever. So if you meet me, please be kind and spare yourself the pain of hearing myself talk the whole time by joining in the verbal banter with me. I promise I am not scary :)
* I cry incredibly easily. My husband is convinced its a form of female emotional blackmail, but I have implored with him time and time again that its just our way of releasing stress. Just like guys like to beer guzzle, or shout at the tv while pressing those confusing buttons on what they call the PS2/3/57 whatever it will end up being, we girls like to cry. I have to admit though, it doesn't take much for me to release the doors to the teary show.... sensitive movies, a heartwarming speeches at weddings, etc... so you have been warned! Its part of that extra X chromosome I tell you!!
* The funny thing about my name. My maiden name is 'Sun'. My husband's surname is Tan. I've retained my maiden name for business reasons so I am known as Jenny Sun. Period (although to friends and the like, I am known as Mrs Tan, Jenny Tan). Here is the funny thing about all this name jargon. In the asian tradition, the bride adds on the husband's surname to her own maiden name. So, in effect, mine would become Jenny Sun-Tan. I KNOWWWWWWW!! Its THAT sad. I can't tell you how much flack I've received from friends and the like who have found this insanely hilarious. Go on. Laugh. You know you want to. Its okay :) I've had years to build up the urge to kick and scream in protest of hearing it. I'm still Jenny Sun though ;)

Anyone wanna do this??? Take it up :) Post a link back here if you want me to read yours :)

Anyway, before I leave you all, I have been getting another itchy craving for some youtube loving! :) Here are two of my favourite clips this week - love it! Love her!!

Adios for now! Check back later as I'll be posting another shoot later today if the storm here doesn't black out my entire office! :)

She is only 6. The most amazing vocal talent I've heard at that age. Incredible.

And this other one. By none other than Sara Bareilles. I have to admit, her first release 'Love Song' did her no justice by hiding her vocal and musical writing ability & depth. This song however, lets her shine. Far out, I love it to bits. Hope you do too :)


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TRA2: The Revenge!

Sorry to all those awesome brides and grooms reading this post, this entry is for us geeky photographers! ;)

Of course, EVERYONE on the planet that does photography knows about The Boutwell's Totally Rad Actions, and if you don't you have seriously been living under a rock!! They are one of the coolest set of actions I've had the pleasure of experiencing. While I don't use them exclusively on my photos (As I have my own set of recipes/actions created for the colour popping images that I'm known for, but the TRAs are definitely some of the ingredients added in), they have by far been some of the best actions I've tried due to its awesome ability to tweak and integrate each action to taste!

Anyhow, I got my hands on the newest release by the Boutwells: TRA2 The Revenge !!, and I have to say they completely rocked my planet. Loving the new look that some of the actions produce - better b&ws, and a very lovely vintage/cross processed theme running through the whole set. So for those that like that kind of look to their images, do check it out!!

For those, that have no idea what I am rambling about and are itching to see how you can integrate it into your images, here are some examples that I have applied to my own images:

Note, actions will NOT save a bad image. You, definitely, 200 %, need to have a good image that is well exposed to start with, AND you need to know how to mix in each action to the right degree (just like cooking! You can't have too much of any ingredient lest it spoil the dish!). The following shots were all 'actioned' straight from my straight-out-of-camera jpgs (yeah, I know...I don't shoot RAW. For storage reasons, and plus I believe shooting JPG has forced me to get my shots and exposures right in camera which definitely accelerates your learning curve as it stops you from cheating later on! ;) )

Pool Party + Can-O-Whoopass + Burn Out:

Claire-ify + Punch Out! + Shadow Separator:

Claire-ify + Troy:

Lux (hard) + Grandma's Tap Shoes (set to 50%) + Boutwell's Magic Glasses (selective layer masking) :

Claire-ify (60%) + Milk and Cookies + Shadow Separator + Select-O-Sharp (on the eyes)
Note: the TRA2 Sharpening actions are seriously out of this world!!!:

Hope this post has helped some of you budding photographers out there!! And don't worry, to all those who are freaking out about me changing my colour popping style - that wont be shelved for a looooooooooooooong time ;)

Anyhow, I'm off for now. To those who are still awaiting email replies, fear not, I hope to finish replying all of them by today or tomorrow (there are just sooooooooo many of them!!).


Friday, June 13, 2008

Paul and Caz: Wedding

As tradition and habit goes in my life, I am ending this week with a post as I always do :)

I've held back from writing about this wedding (and the next one), not really due to time, but more so because I've really wanted to sit down and talk about the incredible importance of the client-photographer relationship - something which I think is remarkably underrated in the industry and sometimes too easily overlooked in the midst of the chaos we brides call 'wedding planning'. While we madly rush around to find the perfect dress, the prettiest and most elegantly adorned venue to sing out the vows which will bind us with our other half for life, decorating with the colours inks and ribbons the streams of paper and card that will announce this special day.....and not to mention, finding the perfect wedding photos that will embed the event in time for all to see.... in the tornado of all that, certain things get lost along the way.

One of them is the client-photographer relationship. That is, how do YOU as the client, feel about your wedding photographer. I've always stressed to people that meet with me, friends and potential clients alike that how you feel about your wedding photographer is almost as important if not more so, than the photos they take. I am not writing this to state that I am the perfect wedding photographer for everyone... in fact, I know I'm not! I have a distinct style and personality, and I know that while some may love it, others may not feel the same way. And that is totally okay because I don't do this business to win the most clients, or jobs, or grab the most prestigious awards... I do what I do because I love it and I want to love who I work for 110% :) It may mean that I don't get to work with every couple that comes my way, but in the end it means they get a photographer they are completely happy with, and those that do choose me I know have chosen me for not only my work but for me. And that makes my heart very happy :)

I guess what I am saying hiding behind all this incessant rambling of mine (soooo sorry! I am terribly long winded!), when choosing who you want to document one of YOUR biggest days, I hope you love them to bits! Love them as much as I love my clients - who, in many cases I can almost call friends - when that happens, that ends up being the biggest reward and honor :)

Paul and Caz, are two people whom I just adored from the moment we met. Paul's youthful energy, Caz's big beautiful hearty laugh, and their combined sincerity, humour, and warmth made its mark that first hot spring afternoon where we shared coffee and cakes, chatted about their wedding details, and how they met and fell in love...and it was there that I knew not only was their wedding day going to be fabulous, but so were they!

Paul and Caz were married at Milson's Point CCC and celebrated their love with family and friends at the ever classy Curzon Hall. And to no surprise, the very traits that stood out about the two when I first met them, sprinkled themselves across everyone who had the pleasure of witnessing their union in marriage. It was apparent that their love for one another overflowed to their friends, and their family (who were also incredibly kind and down to earth!!) and that these very people mirrored the same sentiments towards the couple. That same warmth, sincerity, and humour permeated through and through their wedding day - and I believe that is what made it so special to document.

Here are some of my favourite moments from the day:

Some details to start with.

Paul was so sweet (grooms pay attention here!!), he arranged for a surprise delivery for Caz during her preparation stage - the surprise was a really sweet card along with a present that ended up being a coat she had been wanting for ages!!

And here is what the card said. Aww!

Caz's dad loves his daughters and it was really sweet to watch how they interacted together. Here is an example! Cute!

Here comes the bride!

And this is how Paul looked when he saw Caz for the first time down the aisle. He had tears! Very touching.

I love catching others trying to sneak in a shot! ;)

Tea ceremony formalities :)

And here we are, off to do some location shots! It was BUCKETING down that day, I tell you so our session was short, but since Paul and Caz are so cool and so was their bridal party, it was a breeze working with them - even in the rain!

Caz has the most amazing eyes. See what I mean?

Umbrella shot with the rain.... see, I told you umbrella shots IN the rain can look cool!! ;)

And here is Curzon Hall, where they had their dinner reception. It was cool! We got to hang out in the big room downstairs :D

And some of the yummy details that dabbled across the room.

Oh, and check out this awesome cake! Who says you need a big crazy detailed cake for your wedding to be cool?

The entrance...

Followed straight after by a very well rehearsed waltz!

Precious moment caught during the speeches, between the bride and groom (btw, she had the most KICKASS cheongsam I have ever seen!! I personally don't like to wear cheongsams, but after seeing Caz's, it rocked my socks and I fell in love with it!! And Caz is a shorter than me - I am only a humble 5'5" so there is definitely NO NEED to be tall and lanky to pull it off).

Me, playing with the rings again ;)

And not forgetting the slideshow of course!! Watch it for more photos along with a song I really like! :D

Caz and Paul, like many other couples that work with me, opted to do a casual engagement session (the best kind I tell you!!) just a few days before their wedding. As this post is INSAAAAANELY long enough already, I'll just show you a few of my faves from the afternoon I had with them :)

But before I end, I just want to make a shoutout to Vincy - thank you so much for being the kick ass awesome assistant that you are! I can always count on you when needed, plus you made working in the rain possible! :D

And last but definitely not least, thank you Caz and Paul for trusting me with your memories. For being such beautiful souls, and for making it not feel like work at all for me on your special day. You two only deserve the very best that life has to offer, and I hope you get nothing less. Keep listening to that awesome music that you do, and touching others with same warmth and love that you impressed upon me :)