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A big hi and hello to all of you out there! Thank you for stopping by Jenny Sun Photography's blog! This is my brand new blog space! So please make yourself at home, and have a good browse around. There is plenty more to come so check back often :) Just in case any of you are wondering who on earth I am, my name is Jenny Sun. I own a photography company that spans across Australia and Malaysia, particularly in the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur regions respectively. Though I'm not restricted to those areas! :) I love photographing just about anything under the sun, but my particular passion is for weddings and portraits - I seriously LOVE people, their stories, the beautiful relationships formed, and the tales that are told when that shutter goes off!

This blog is my personal and visual journey along this path of photography. Please hop on board the ride, comment along the way (I shamelessly love comments!), and lets see where the wind takes us :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Helen and Tiraan: Wedding

Persistence. Tiraan did what any man would do, to prove his affection for the lady that had enamoured his heart. He sent her gifts. And according to their friends, he sent her ALOT of gifts. One gift after another gift, he hoped to spark attention in her heart towards him. However, it wasn't until the mp3 player in the long line of Tiraan's tokens of affection, that Helen decided Tiraan was serious. You see, she loved music... and it was an evident trait of this bride as I walked into her bridal suite on the day she married, that she liked her tunes, since she was humming along to a tune by Jason Mraz while her makeup was being applied. And we all know that anyone who loves Jason Mraz, is an earnest lover of the melodic side to life ;)

Then, on a glorious spring day where the sun couldn't be more golden, and the sky couldn't be a stronger shade of blue, Helen and Tiraan committed the rest of their lives and the whole of their hearts to each other. Looking back at the photos, I realized that Helen and Tiraan share a very fun and whimsical side of love, but at the same time mirror a great deal of respect for the was evident in the high fives they exchanged with each other when they were officially married, and then as Helen delicately shed tears when Tiraan thanked her for giving him the pleasure and privilege of marriage with her. It's sometimes quite funny, in a beautiful way, to see how far persistence has rewarded in this union.

Thank you Helen and Tiraan for the honor to document your memories. I hope when you look back at these photos you remember how much you mean to each other, and how much fun and love is shared between all your family and friends. Helen, I have to give you the biggest thumbs up and kudos EVER, for being the first bride who has ensured that every place we shot at had enough space and enough light, who let your photographer choose the most ideal spot for photos in the last 15 minutes of the day, and always told me that if there wasn't enough light where you were standing then to tell you to move. It meant alot to me as a photographer that you cared that much for your photos!! :)

Enjoy some of my faves from the day:

Here is the bride getting ready... I love it everytime when a bride gets ready at a hotel...they have awesome big windows that let in TONNES of that gorgeous natural light! :)
Helen's make up was done by the lovely Louise from Mystique Makeup

The beautiful bouquet by: Red Jade Floral Designs

Time for some quick portraits of the bride!

Helen and Tiraan were married at Mary Mackillop Chapel

I love this reaction as they were pronounced officially married!

So while the group photos were taking place outside, I thought I'd run in and play with the rings for a short moment.

Helen and Tiraan also had a tea ceremony as part of their cultural celebration.

Then it was off to the location to take some portraits. We literally had 15 minutes, and I'm not joking when I say the light changed every 2 minutes. Just look at the photos below!
First there was this AWESOME golden light.

Then it went white and neutral.

Then evening set and we got some dusk shots.

I just love these relaxed shots of the bridal party. As a photographer its not what I deem a 'creative' shot, but its full of fun and emotion. And I'm a huge believer of emotion over arty/farty-ness ;) Don't get me wrong, I love those creative/abstract kind of photos and we always try to seek them at a job, but at the end of the day if a photo is filled with raw emotion, that will win my heart hands down :-)

Last shot of the day, one with the whole gang.

Then it was time to party at the reception! Look at these gorgeous details done by Helen's friends.

The awesome wedding cake you see below was done by: Thea Cubis


The groom's heartfelt words...

First dance, where Helen changed into her sari...its so pretty!

Seriously love how much fun Helen looks like she is having right here. What a way to end the night!

And to view a whole heap of extra photos, press play on the slideshow below!

Thank you so much to Vincy, as always, for being my right hand lady in all this action :) She took all the groom prep shots you see in the slideshow!


aaron fong said...

am i the first to post?Just wanted to say marvelous shots on all the photos.. especially the group photo and the last photo.

Linda Truong said...

I love it! I just love it! You astound me with your skill!

joshua k said...

Yes, Absolutely beautiful! :)

trish said...

hey jen, love the one with the bride and the kids just before she walks down the aisle :) and how cool was that table decor? this couple sounds really lovely, and I'm sure they are going to adore the way you've captured their day!

Joanna said...

wow wow wow :)

Andy Chin said...

It is such inspiring and marvelous photos! the colors, the people, the sun, everything is so lively here. It dance on my screen!

rebecca-linh rodgers said...

you documented this day brilliantly!

nattnee said...

i was here to tell you you're due for a new post then realised i didn't leave a comment for this...which is weird 'cos i thought i did...lots of weird things happening with me atm! these are great btw...and yes, a new post is way overdue! c'mon! =)

michelle cunningham said...

these are super duper awesome! i love how you frame your photos too btw.

Jessie said...

awesome, beautiful pics, astonishing!

char said...

you captured their day so wonderfully :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know who these people are, but they look like a great couple. He is very handsome and she is goegeous.